Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Palmer/Pletsch - Teacher's Fit Workshop

Following our shopping tour, There were about six of us who signed up for the Teacher Training Workshop. In this seminar, we learned to fit one another. This was a perfect opportunity to firm up all those fit techniques learned in the Fit workshop. We had time to fit a regular bodice pattern and a princess seam pattern. To prepare for this workshop, it was recommended that we purchase and read "The Business of Teaching Sewing". The goal of this great little book is to help you accomplish three things: be a great teacher, start and run a teaching business, and make money doing what you love. I read a large portion of it on the flight to Portland. It was good to know that I already practice and follow some of the suggestions noted in the book. The tools I learned will help refine some of my business skills and has introduced me to some new ones to improve my business and teaching skills.

During the class, we were given an opportunity to ask questions related to the materials. Then, over lunch, Pati shared more information on how to prepare for classes and presentations. Great information.

 I don't have long before I'm eligible for retirement. For the the past three years, I thought about what I'd like to do with the rest of my life. And sewing is what I've decided on. I love it, and that makes it easy. At times, it has been an additional source of income. I still take in a small amount of custom sewing. As a kid, I also wanted to be an elementary school teacher. It didn't happen. But in almost every job I've had, teaching (training) was part of it. For the past two years, I've taught sewing in my home on a regular basis. It has been a pleasure; I have fun sharing what I know about sewing. What better thing to do than something I enjoy doing? So I will continue to teach sewing and work on making things better as I go.

I have one more installment on my Palmer/Pletsch Sewing Vacation. Then it back to sewing. I already have some information ready to share. I promised my daughter I make her a few garments for work. She recently acquired a position at MATEC, an AIDS Prevention unit on campus. We are very happy she has steady employment. It tough out there.

Anyway, next post will be on other activities during the workshop week. I hope you've enjoyed reading about the events. And maybe you'll consider attending some type of workshop or seminar. It was great fun and it won't be the last time I attend a Palmer/Pletsch workshop.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Proud of you, beautiful lady. You will "finish well." You have so very much to offer, and I appreciate your transparency in this post.

    I've really enjoyed these informative "shares" and look forward to learning more. Keep the good times rolling.

  2. I think you would be a fantastic teacher. Your blog posts are always so clear and helpful— I've learned a lot from reading them. Good luck as you move into a new career stage. My mother retired recently and it has been fun to watch her figure out where to devote her energies. I think it can be a really exciting (if frightening) stage.

  3. I am sure you are a brilliant teacher. Your blog posts are so interesting and informative. We'll all be wishing you success as you transition into a second career.

  4. I am really enjoying your account of the workshops. I am especially interested in how they teach people how to fit. I have taken a couple of fit clinics with Kenneth King and they are about him fitting us, not about learning how to fit, not that I didn't learn from him. I am not a bad fitter but there are certainly things that stump me.



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