Monday, June 9, 2014

Haute Couture Club of Chicago - Annual June Luncheon at The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant

The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant

Happy Monday!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of dining with some of my favorite people. The Haute Couture Club annual June luncheon was held at the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant. The firehouse is a well-known dining attraction in Chicago. It is located 1401 South Michigan Avenue. It was my very first time dining there.

The club party was on the second floor where we were able to freely move about the room to chat with old friends and get acquainted with some new ones.  The new board is installed at the luncheon and it is the last time we will meet as a group before our Fall kick off meeting.  I was happy to see all of the beautiful ladies and to have a chance to help celebrate 50th years of the HCC.

Good Cake - Different but Good
I forgot to bring my camera. So I only snapped a few pictures with my phone.

Sketches from the Fashion Show 2014
Linda, Brenda, and Friend
Delores, Nik-Ki and Sheril
Ms. Cheryl and friend

Renee wearing a pretty dress she made and modeled in the Fashion Show

The bodice was adorned with glass beads

I sat with Rhonda, Sandra and several other ladies (no picture).  I guess I could have stood up to take the pictures.  Oops!

It's was a good afternoon.  I was happy to see my friends.  Our next meeting is in September.  I'm very interested to know the Fashion Show theme and the workshops and programs for 2015.  If you are in the Chicago land area, plan to stop by or become a member.  Our website is located here.  Please come out and join us.

Happy Sewing!


  1. So sorry to have missed the luncheon but for some, Saturday is a work day! So glad you had a good time and you all looked lovely!

  2. Hi there ReAnn. I didn't know you were blogging. We missed you.

  3. That looks like a lot of fun! I loved seeing all the hats and fascinators.

  4. Thanks, Sewing Spots. We were asked to wear hat and gloves to this event.

  5. What a beautifully dressed group of women. I so wish there were something like this near me.I'm jealous.

  6. My goodness, Renee's dress is absolutely amazing. Also love seeing all those hats. There is not enough hat wearing these days.

  7. Cennetta, this does look like a lot of fun! Next time I'm in the Chicago area, I will look you all up...same for you if you find yourself in Florida (Tampa area), we'll have to get together for lunch or dinner!

  8. Myra - Please don't hesitate to contact me when you're in town, and I will do the same.



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