Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Notes on a Pattern - Updates

I bet you're wondering what happened to the "Note on a Pattern" series.  It's still on the table, but I have not made anything progress with the first two installments:  bomber/baseball jacket (still looking for the right lace) and something with fringe (debating on whether or not I can make my own fringe).  I wanted to complete one of the two before moving on to more Note on a Pattern. I may very well have multiple Notes as I have multiple projects going on at the same time.

At the beginning of the summer, I hoped to complete a dozen or so reviews from last year and early 2014.  Work and some personal issues are still in the way of me doing as much blogging and sewing as I would like.  Summer is quickly slipping away and the reviews remain on note cards and pattern guide sheets.  Some of my hesitation can be attributed to the whether or note the project is note worthy.  Often I ponder should post a review on garments made with older patterns. Or if the process of making the garment merits a post.  Some of my projects, believe it or not, simply got trashed.  But I still wanted to make some note of those "never to be worn" articles.   So today, I decided do what I can and forgot about the rest.  Keep it moving..,

"Notes on a Pattern will continue".  Some will be linked to trends and others will be related to some goal or interest that are on my list to achieve.  So you will definitely see more trend inspirational posts.  The posts may have style element or color that I'd like to try or it may be purely trend based notations for the season.

I hope you will continue to come see what's new on my blog.  As always, I appreciate your visits as well as your comments.

Thank you,


  1. I think there is a lot that can be learned from both successes and failures. And I certainly appreciate all reviews, including ones of older patterns. But you've got to keep it fun for yourself-- blog about what interests you! :)

  2. Loved this post mainly because I suffer from the "is this a great idea" ponder myself. Just my two cents worth here, but I think your series is a wonderful idea.

  3. A lot can be learned from the failures as well as the successes. A lot of people have older patterns in their stash and you could save them from wasting their time on mediocre patterns. It takes a lot of time to review and post patterns, so do what you can as long as you are enjoying yourself. I appreciate it!



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