Monday, September 19, 2016

Unity Conference Dress 2016 - Simplicity 1156

Photo taken day after event, Monday afternoon.

For the past several years, almost every Unity Conference I've made a new cream or white dress.  This year is no different.  But I must say I thought, "By now I should have enough white/cream to wear for this annual event."  I also thought, "I wish the principle color was a color instead of white/cream."   Oh well, it's been this way since I could remember.  So I concluded that next year I will repeat something already in my closet and make myself a vibrant birthday dress instead.

With that being said, here is my review  for my Unity Conference dress 2016.  The fabric used was a gift to me.   I don't know the fabric content, but I suspect it is a polyester/rayon blend.  It washes beautifully and wears well.  It has a wonderful texture.  There are three layers: top, bottom and a very light filler.  It's not quilted, but it is fused somehow to create what look like stitching from a distance.  Very nice.

For this dress I used Simplicity 1156.  It's an "Amazing Fit" pattern.  It includes separate patterns for B, C, D,and DD cups sizes.  The fabrics recommended are woven, but I used a knit.  It's what I had on hand and I thought it would be easy to make given the fabric had quite a bit on stretch in it.

The dress is described as misses' dress with individual pattern pieces for slim, average and curvy fit and B, C, D, and DD cup sizes.  I used size 14 and average, view A.  The category of pattern promises an "Amazing Fit" because of the multiple pattern pieces for the cup sizes.  It also includes inch side seam allowances to help make fitting easier.  Now this does not mean you can bypass an adjustment like the sway back adjustment.

The seaming of the dress allows you some extra points of adjustment that may not be available in dresses with fewer style lines.  For my dress, the knit fabric made it that much easier.  My choice of sizing was pretty good. for the bust area.  But for the other seams I made adjustments.  Some allowances were greater than an inch.  It worked out fine though.  Once I got the fit, I serged the edges.
Accent color fuchsia. Shown with self-made corsage.

When my dress was finished it did look like the photo on the envelope, with the exception of the length.  I added a few inches.

There was nothing difficult or confusing about the instructions.  Typical.

The reason I picked this pattern was because I wanted something very quick and easy.  This fit the bill.  The style lines gave opportunity to fit and I prayed that the cup sizes would work for me.  And it did.

Taken on Sunday, Worn with self-made corsage.
My dislike are related to the drafting of the pattern:  neckline, the shape of the skirt, and facings (neck and armhole).  I prefer a closer fit about the neck and a slightly tapered skirt.  So I made slight adjustments to both areas.   Facings are a pain.  If you stitch them down all the way around, there is a possibility that the stitching will show through to the right side.  I just stitched in the ditch at the side and shoulder seams.  I also had to make a sway back adjustment.

I probably won't sew this pattern again.  But recommend it to other.

This is a very easy dress to make.  The style lines gives more opportunities to make adjustments as you sew.  The angled side seams are pretty nice too. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Lovely dress. And that fuchsia flower!

  2. you look fantastic in this! Cathy

  3. Beautiful dress and it looks so perfectly fitted! Welcome back from Alaska!

  4. Love the dress and its flattering style lines. I hadn't noticed but I agree about the neckline and the facings. Your fabric is the perfect choice swell. Lovely.

  5. looks beautiful on you, perfect fit. I think those Amazing fit patterns are not given the consideration they deserve - they are quite easy to fit and have so much in one pattern envelope.

    1. Yes, Beth. You can get a lot of mile out of the amazing fit series. Good for slopers.

  6. The fit is perfect and it shows off the textured knit beautifully. Great job!

  7. The dress is stunning - fabric, fit and style.

  8. Gorgeous dress, and the fit is amazing!

  9. Beautiful. The seaming on this dress is really interesting.



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