Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alaska, The Beautiful

At last I'm able to post a blog about my vacation to Alaska. ( I've been under the weather since I returned eight days ago.) Most of my life I've dreamed about the days when I'd be able to travel to all the wonderful places of the world.  During my early days at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I used to make the travel arrangements for the Research Services Program Coordinators (late 1980's).  Back in those days we had to pick up the airline tickets at Hobbit Travels.  With each visit to Hobbit Travel I would pick up a different brochure about an exotic place to visit.

On August 24th, eleven of us set out to visit Alaska, the beautiful. We flew to Seattle, Washington.  The very next day, we set sail aboard the Explorer of the Sea (Royal Caribbean).  I was super excited and each time I thought of how grand it was to go to Alaska, my heart was over-joyed.  It felt like Christmas morning.  I also recognize not many people of the world get to vacation very far from home.

In Seattle we lodged at the Mediterranean Inn.  It's a modest hotel with very good accommodations.  I didn't do must sight-seeing or shopping there. 

 But we did eat at a great little mom and pop restaurant called "Mecca Cafe and Bar".  Mmm, Mmm good food at a reasonable price.  Unfortunately, we did not make it to the Pike marketplace.  But there is always next time.

Our first stop in Alaska was Juneau.  From a distance, the mountain sides appeared to be covered with grass, instead of endless rows of evergreens.

We all booked an excursion for Mt Robert Tramway.  The tramway takes you high up the mountain side where you can shop and hike the trail.  I was scared to ride the tramway, just a few cables to hold the car as it ascended way above the evergreen canopy.  Lucky me, we had a singer aboard to help keep me distracted.  It worked for a little while..,

At destination, I breathed a sigh of relief and hoped to see an eagle or some majestic wild life.  No sightings, but I had a good, short hike up the mountain.

Our next port of call was Skagway, Alaska.  We chose to take the White Pass train up the mountain.  For three and half hours, we learned about the railroad, the search for gold, and the lives of the people who came to Alaska in the early 1900's.  I couldn't imagine life back then, harsh weather and harsh living conditions.

Ms. Bunny

My Cousin Gerri

Retired section of the Railroad

For those days at sea it was festive aboard the ship.  There was plenty to eat and drink around the clock.  There were shows, shopping, music, and dancing.

Trina and Me

Enough fun to be had by all.  From the dining areas and from our balcony we saw whales. And there were sea loins swimming near by.

Tracy Arm-Fords
The next stop was to be Tracy Arm-Fords, but the area was unsafe.  So the captain took us to another location so that we could see the glaciers.

We arrived at 6:30 am.  Out on the balcony, I was able to behold the beautiful of this most frigid part of the world.  It was amazing beautiful.  How could it be.  It was like a movie. 

Our final stop, before heading back to Seattle, was Victoria, Canada.  Lovely, clean, and quite the touristy location.  We took a tour bus through the town, did some shopping, and eat at the "Dog Gone It" hot dog restaurant at Government and Humboldt.

The weather forecast was between 52 and 76 degrees.  We were lucky to have a sunny day at Juneau.  There was rain and overcast in Skagway and Victoria.  This time of year, a coat was certainly needed.  Layering was the best approach to prepare for the Alaskan weather conditions.

I'm very pleased with my little tour of Alaska and hope I get to visit the other side someday. 

Cousin Train and Me Again
 God is good!


  1. What a beautiful trip. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics.

  2. Wow I was on a holland America cruise to Alaska the same time and made many of the same stops! Enjoyed the memories seeing your photos.

  3. Alaska .. another place on the bucket list.

  4. Beautiful! You are very lucky to take such a wonderful trip. Isn't is amazing that we live in a time when this kind of travel is accessible.

  5. What a treat! Cruises in general don't appeal to me, but I'd LOVE to do an Alaskan cruise some day! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  6. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I tell you, Earth is beautiful! Your pictures are just as fab too.

  7. Hope you feel better soon! Tks for the pics. I am not a fan of those mountain cable cars so bravo to you for doing it. So glad you could enjoy the trip.

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos of your lovely family enjoying beautiful Alaska. My husband and I cruised the second week of August having taken the land tour up to Denali four days of the previous week. We were fortunate enough to get into Tracey Arm, a truly gorgeous area of pristine nature. We were on the Regent Mariner; our captain was a delightful Italian woman.

  9. I have a family member who will traveling to Alaska next year. I'm so excited for her (and you). Your pictures show a side of Alaska most of us will never see.

  10. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos. What a beautiful place indeed!

  11. What a wonderful trip! Thank-you for sharing the pictures. There are so many beautiful places on this earth.

  12. I really enjoyed your tour, Cenetta. What a great time you had! It does the heart good to God's glory.

  13. Nice photos and you were a rare person to see Juneau in the sunshine. Too bad you didn't have time for fabric shopping in Seattle (where I live). Nancy's Sewing Basket is about 20 blocks from your lodging. We were on a much smaller ship in Alaska this summer and motored up Tracy Arm. We harvested mini-icebergs which made it into the evening cocktails. Love your blog!

  14. Thank you everyone! We all had a wonderful time in Alaska.



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