Wednesday, December 19, 2018

McCall 7726

It's funny how things grow on you.  In October I blogged about review my least favorite projects for the sake of acknowledging that I made them and sharing the review of the project.

Today I want to talk a little about McCall's high-waist,trendy pants that every other sewists made this year.  Last spring I made these and decided, at the time, that they were not a good look for me.  So I hung them in my secondary closet.  No I didn't give them away.  Because I just might start to like them. ;-) Like right now.

My sister convinced me to think about wearing my pants.  So, I looked at the photos again to see if I can see what she sees that these are not a bad look for me.

There isn't a whole lot to my review.  I only made very minor changes and the construction process was very easy.

So this one is short and sweet.  Hopefully, I'll find the perfect top to wear with it in the coming months.

Happy Sewing!



  1. Cennetta I can't see how you could EVER have a least favorite project because everything you make looks so great on you!

  2. I always advise a little time in the "time-out bin" for things that we don't quite love (but don't hate) :)
    They really do look great on you and the color is so fun!

  3. You look great in these pants, Cenetta! I heard you on the Love to Sew podcast and was inspired to check out your blog. I loved what you said about elegant Katherine Hepburn pants. After hearing what you said, I started researching patterns so I can sew some. Thanks, I loved hearing you on the podcast!

  4. I love them on you. I think the lighter belt color made the difference. These look great.

  5. You look fabulous in these pants! You are tall so you can carry it off. I was thinking how lucky you are because it was on trend in-the-day and have returned for you to look good all over again!



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