Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Little Black Dress with A Little Textured Novelty Knit - Christine Jonson Funnel Neck Top and Mc7386 Skirt

I think I want a few more yards of Mood's Black Stretch Viscose Nylon Novelty knit.  I love this fabric.  It is a beefy textured knit that falls away from the body, creating a stiff drape.  The hand is not as smooth as a rayon knit, but it's not hard or scratchy either.  It wears like a comfortable sweatshirt knit.  I can also see it used to make a fall/spring knit coat.

When the box arrived at my door, I immediately started working on this dress project. I spliced Christine Jonson's funnel neck knit top, travel trio 1204 with Mc7386 skirt.  CJ's funnel neck top is quickly becoming one of my favorite tops.  It's easy,stylish, and comfortable.

This year I decided to give myself a little challenge to see how many different looks I could come up with using a few patterns.  This month, I'm using CJ's Travel Trio.

To create this dress, I simply overlaid the skirt pattern where the waistline is indicated and marked my desired length.  That's it!  Of course, I had to do some tweaking on the curve of the skirt.  But that wasn't difficult and only took a few cycles of trying the dress on, pinning, and making the adjustments.  I was finished in just a few hours.

I really like how this dress turned out.  A simple little black dress with a few interesting details.  Perfect for me!

Using the beefier textured knit for the top and the skirt does change the intended drape.  First the funnel:  It stands up!  But, when made in a jersey knit, it fall about the neck creating folds.  The same affect for the hem of the skirt.  It stands out instead of falling close to the body.  I love it!  Something different!

So far so good with this segment of my little challenge.  The fabric and style are a perfect match.  One that I will certainly use again.

Happy Sewing!

PS - My complete review on the funnel neck top is my blog here.


  1. This is so cute! I love the hack, and you look amazing in it!

  2. great winter dress, the textured fabric adds a lot of interest

  3. That textured knit is perfect for this dress. Lovely pairing.

  4. This is such a great LBD, I love the structured look that the textured fabric gives.

  5. Hotchacha! Great LBD and it looks awesome on you.



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