Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Notes on a Pattern - McCall M7254 Sweater Cardigan

Sunday afternoon I was sitting in my sewing room thinking about what to make next.  I was really leaning toward cutting out a new project.  While sitting there, I thought about the great month of sewing I just had.   All in all I was feeling pretty good about my sewing success thus far.

So, I got up and began to look through my bag of projects to sew in 2019.    But before I could decide on what next, my thoughts turned to the box of UFO's that I need to address.  I asked myself new project or finish something already cut out?  This time I chose to go with the already cut out.

Surprisingly, I couldn't remember why I put this one aside other than the season changed before I finished it.  Anyway, I'd like to share some of the details on the pattern and the fit adjustments that I had to make it "my size".

This pattern is described as:  Unlined cardigans are close-fitting. A, and armholes B, D: Narrow hem. B: Contrast panels. D: Purchased toggle closing and sleeveless. B, C, D, E: Self-lined front (extends into shawl collar variations) and back peplum. A, C, E: Stitched hem on sleeves. Note: No provisions provided for above waist adjustment.

It's available in Multi-size groups (XS, S, M) and (L, XL, XXL).  I used medium with modifications.  On the McCall website, the sizing is indicated as 4- 22.

The instructions were typical.  Nothing confusing in them. Before cutting my cardigan/jacket, I made my usual pattern adjustments starting with the FBA on the side front.  Then adjusting the front to ensure a smooth joining of the two.  Lastly, I made a swayback adjustment with a center back seam.

The cardigan/jacket went together with no problems.  In the bust area I eased in more of the excess at the curve to allow for enough wearing ease across the bust.

My fabric is a quilted coating from Mood Fabrics and black knit coating remnant from this coat project.  I love the combination of the two.  It makes my cardigan/jacket more structured.

I like this pattern for the collar, front, and peplum look.  The sleeve are very narrow, especially below the elbow.  So if you're planning to make this, make sure you measure the circumference of the sleeve to ensure you have enough room.

My jacket is almost finished.  I decided to add a lining.  So once that's done, the jacket will be completed.

It's possible that I will make it again.  And I do recommend it to sewists.

Happy Sewing!


  1. What a great look and great fabric combo. How nice to have just the right remnant for your contrast.

    1. Yes, thank you. I was very glad to be able to use the remnant.

  2. This jacket is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful jacket--love those how well those fabrics work together.

  4. I adore this version - the combination of the fabrics is fantastic. And you have given me an idea about how to use some of my not quite right fabrics that could be used for this.

    1. Great, Sarah Liz. I hope to see your project soon. ;-)

  5. This is beautiful, Cenetta. Gorgeous fabrics!

  6. I made this pattern, too, with a velour paired with a flocked ponte that turned out pretty cool, but yours is way snazzier, and you adjusted the fit on yours better than I did. I might make it again and tweak that fit.



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