Friday, October 18, 2019

A Little Sporty Fun with Royal Blue Liverpool Knit - McCall M7873

It's about time for a little fun sporty outfit.  Mood Fabric is well stocked with all types of fabrics and trims that can help make your vision a reality.  For my active wear outfit I chose Mood's reorderable Royal Stretch Liverpool Knit.  There are a total of eight gorgeous colors available, from bright white to mustard yellow to neutral black.  Liverpool knits have a crepey texture with a somewhat dry hand.  The malleable weft-wise stretch and subtle warp-wise give was perfect for this project.

And please don't sleep Mood's online inventory of great trims.  There is a HUGH variety of all types:  stretch, woven, textured, feathered, leather, etc.  So for more interest, I added Mood's Red and Ivory Stretch Grosgrain trim.  Love this stuff.  Both are also regularly stocked at Mood.

I used McCall's M7873, a relatively new pattern made popular by Monica's "Sew Your Own View" sewing challenge several months ago.  I wasn't ready to try the pattern back then, but this summer it was on my short list.  It is described as:  "loose-fitting knit tops feature sleeve, length and fabric variations and cold shoulder detail.  Close-fitting pull-on pants have elasticated waist and leg openings, contrast side panels with no side seams, and side front pockets.   Note: No provisions provided for above waist adjustment."

The pattern is available in two size groupings:  (XS-M and L-XXL)  I used the large with some modifications.

The technical drawing is spot on.  In my version, I tried the emulate the contrasting fabric with adding the stretch grosgrain.  More on that later.

The instructions were typical with nothing confusing in them.  The top and bottom came together with ease. There was only two design/construction steps that I didn't like; that is, the length for the cold shoulder.  It's too long for my taste.  So on the front of the top, I closed it about 1.5".  I should have made the same adjustment to the back too.  I'll take care of that later. Sometimes I wear the garment to get of feel for the wear and comfort before making my final tweaks, especially with unique style elements. The second one was the neckband.  I actually cut it 1" shorter than the pattern piece.  It's still not close fitting as I would like.

No other dislikes.  A more of my usual adjustments:   lengthen of the pants leg 3" and lengthen the sleeve about 1" ( I didn't need the later.).  I came up with the idea of adding the stretch trim, trying to copy the look of the contrasting fabric.  The stretch trim was easy to apply.  I used stitch witchery to hold it in place while stitching it to the Liverpool knit (no pins).

I'm pleased with the overall project. I can definitely see myself making the pants again, but the top is unique enough for me to only have one in my wardrobe.  This pattern is one that I think almost everyone can wear.  It's easy to make, and you can come up with different fabric combinations to use to make it uniquely yours.

The Liverpool knits are an excellent choice of fabric for the outfit.  I think a rib knit trim would work best for the neckband though.  And of course, Mood has plenty to choose from. 

Parting Shots:  Okay, these last two photos are just for fun!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Your trim really makes the outfit! The cold shoulder detail is cute. And you're just in time for the colder weather.

  2. Great look. I love the trim. Are you planning to actually exercise in this great outfit?

    1. Thanks, Nancy. Not this one. It's for running errands.



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