Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back at Work Today - 3 Week Sewing ReCap

Monday was my first day back in the office since July 18th. My, my, my..., It would be so, so nice to be independently wealthy. I certainly enjoyed the time away from the office. This vacation I did not leave the city. I spent the first week de-stressing and sewing with a few outings here and there. Second week, more sewing, cleaning and cooking. Boy, the more I cleaned the more things needed to be organized or updated. It was good being at home.

I got a lot of sewing done, but still lots to go on the summer sewing list.


2 dresses for DD
5 dresses for me
2 jackets for me
muslin for coat sew along
Wrote some reviews

Short working list

5 Reviews to write
1 jacket to complete from May
More planning for early fall wardrobe

Happy Sewing!


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  2. Okay - I am sooooojealous that you were off from work for 3 weeks!!! If I had that much time off I might not want to return!

    I work across the hall from Fordham College's administrative offices and they don't work Fridays during the summer - and have Christmas week off as well as Easter week...I am always peeved when I realize that they aren't working and I'm struggling to leave at 6pm on a Friday evening! *LOL*

    Glad you had a great three weeks off and got a lot of sewing done!!!

  3. I'm with you on being independently wealthy, lol! I've been back to work for one single week and already feel like going on vacation again!

  4. Believe me. It's hard coming back after a two week vacation. Because I spend the next two weeks trying to catch up.



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