Saturday, February 12, 2011

Refashion using Simplicity 2617 - Part II

I'm very pleased with my progress on my refashion project. Today I was able to almost complete one of the fur purse, but didn't have the snap and couldn't secure the strap to the "D" ring. Aside from that I only have a few more inches of the lining to sew.

Like I said, I'm pleased with the results. Many of the instructions given by simplicity were not followed because of my vision of how I wanted the purse to look. As I sewed the purse together I discovered that the thickness of the leather could be a challenge as well as the flying fur. So I made a few more changes.

Today I wanted to share a few more details of my process for completing the fur and leather purse. In the photo above, the upper band has two sections. The pattern is for piece. This is a design element that I decided to incorporate. The leather jackets had multiple sections. So I used two of those sections for this piece of the purse.

Next, the lining for the bottom and side is a heavy coat lining. I thought it would hold up better. Every piece of the lining is interfaced.

The bottom and side section is divided into two pieces joined at the middle (bottom). On the inside I added interfacing to reinforce the seam. Then I top stitched on each side of the seam.

The instructions said to interface the strap. To add stability I added padding and trimmed about 1/2 inch from the width; then turned the allowance under and sewed the first seam. Then I turned the other side and sewed. Finally, I made a seam down the middle to secure the allowance. The leather and the padding were too thick to follow the recommended steps for completing the strap. Not Pictured - I trimmed about 3/4 from the width of the tab for the "D". So I finished it same as the strap minus the padding.

A few more pictures to show the details of the purse.
Side panel -

Inside pocket -

Top view -

More later!


  1. Are you using a special foot to sew the fur and leather? What needle are you using?

  2. MY GOODNESS! I love the purse, girl!

  3. I did not use a special foot. I used a size 14 leather needle. For some parts I think I needed to use a 16. Because I broke two in the process.

  4. You are doing a bang-up job on your refashioned purse. I look forward to seeing the completed project. Kudos!

  5. Really like how this purse is coming out! Great job.

  6. I am really impressed. What a great bag this is going to be.

  7. I'm also impressed with this bag. Well done.

  8. This is so kewl! What an amazing refashion!!!

  9. Wow, that looks posh! Great work as usual! :)



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