Tuesday, December 6, 2011

McCall 6400 - Two More Tops; It's a Winner

Yes, McCall 6400 is a Winner! I made two more of these quick and easy tops. Both made in less than two hours.

Fabric purchased at JoAnn's Thanksgiving sale. Each piece cost about $7.50. Great deal on pretty knit fabric.

I finished the neckline the same as the first, which was reviewed here..

Need I say more. This is a great little trendy top that sews up quickly with the least amount of effort.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow -- you are amazing and so inspirational!! Just found your blog after wanting to start sewing again, and this is the top that I will make once Christmas is done and I have time for myself in January. Love your updates and pictures.

  2. Cute tops & lovely prints. I need to re-bump that pattern to the top of my sewing list.

  3. What a lovely shaped top , I have never noticed this pattern before. I love your fabrics too.

  4. Wonderful tops. Easy is always good.

  5. I love this top. It is soooo quick and easy. I have already made two in one week and plan to make two more!!! LOL!! They look great!! I like your prints.

  6. Those are super tops,both of them!

  7. You are definitely on a roll.

  8. Hi Cenneta! Great job! I love your blog but I don't comment much - will work on that. You will not believe this but I have 5 1/2 yds of that same colorful southwestern-ish print and presently it is laying on my sewing table with the same McCall's 6400 pattern!...Coincidence? Or is it true that great minds think alike? I also, plan to pair it with a flowy circular type maxi skirt (if that makes sense) of the same fabric...Boy you've awaken the sewing mojo in me to get this done. Thanks for helping me visualized how great this will turnout. I hope to get it done soon.
    Marla - http://sewphisticated.wordpress.com/



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