Friday, January 19, 2018

TNT's Patterns Are My Favorites - Vogue 1314

My first "finished" project of 2018.  I needed something fast and easy to make on Monday afternoon.

Vogue 1314 is one of my go to knit dress pattern because it is quick, easy, and already to go.   It's a simple four piece pattern to is a bind right next to my table.  Perfect for a mid-western, cold as the North Pole, January day.  I first used it a few years back.  After making the necessary adjustments, it was immediately place in the TNT bind.  I use the front and back lining for the dress along with the neck band and sleeve.

The possibilities are many.  It can be used as a sloper to adjust similar style patterns.  Last year I used it with other sleeve patterns.  This basic pattern can lend itself to be morphed into a totally different dress.  The possibilities are endless.

My previous reviews are here:

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There are all of the versions of Vogue 1314 that I've had over the years.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow this is another great dress to join the amazing ones you've already created!

  2. I see why you love this, and it is a TNT for you! The variations you have made from it are outstanding!

  3. Definitely a January dress! Love that fabric. Isn't it wonderful to have such a go-to pattern? And with this one every fabric makes it completely different.

  4. Talking about utilizing a pattern! Love your dress and fabric choice. Might I ask where you got your fabric?

    1. Thanks, Faye. It came from J oann's. They it in three colors: red, blue, and cream.

    2. I'm glad Faye asked because the fabric is just too gorgeous. I'm a JoAnn shopper so I'll have to look for it. I really love your dress, C - elegant as always. Everything you make is always so professionally done.

  5. Lovely garments and you know I love seeing how a tnt is used to maximize creating different looks with the same pattern.

  6. TNT patterns are so nice to have! A new dress? easy and fast. I love this latest one the best I think. Mainly because I love the fabric and how well suited to this pattern it is. Enjoy.

  7. Love a TNT! Did you remove the side gathers from all your versions? I'm seeing the the line drawing that they are on the pattern but not sure if they're on your dresses. I like your looks!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I used the lining for my dress.



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