Thursday, February 8, 2018

Winter Clothes - Cozy Sweaters with McCall 7574

It is insanely cold in the mid-west.  Between today and Friday evening we are expected to get 8 to 14 inches of snow!  In the midst of snow storms and arctic winter temperatures, I need the right gear to brave the season.  I really started late with my preparation for it all.  Christmas is really too late to start thinking about cozy separates.  I almost needed to start in the summer considering the cold November.  But nevertheless, the bite of the January winds encouraged me to make my previously posted sweater dress and these sweater knit pull-over tops.

I used McCall 7574 making my usual adjustments these sweaters tops are the answer to the winter blast we are experience right now.

This is a Melissa Watson, Palmer/Pletsch pattern. The views are described as:  close-fitting pullover tops, tunic and dress have raglan sleeves, sleeve and length variations. D: Uneven hem, wrong side of fabric will show.  The available sizes are 6 to 22.  I used 14 with modifications.

The tops are semi-fitted to me.  Even the dress on the model isn't close-fitting.  I guess that my FBA may attribute to some of the looseness.   The cream sweater is view B lengthen with long sleeves, and the multi-color orange is view c with long sleeves.

The instructions are typical, and I didn't notice any confusing construction steps.  Palmer/Pletsch instructions are included for making adjustments, which may be helpful for anyone needing to make them.

My likes:

  • The shape of the sleeves
  • Center back seam
No dislikes.

I made my usual adjustments:
  • A small FBA. The cream sweater I didn't make a bust dart.  I eased in the excess.  The multi-colored orange knit really hides any sign of a bust dart.  So I just sewed it as I normally would.

  • Small swayback adjustment.  Because the top was on the boxy side to me. I didn't make the full swayback adjustment.
  • Adjusted the roundness of the sleeve near the shoulder.  Too much fabric.
  • Lengthen the cream sweater, view B and lengthen the sleeves of both views.

Both sweater knits came from JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts.  Currently, they have an entire section of sweater knits. I believe they are acrylic/polyester blend.
I can't say that I will sew either again anytime soon.  But I do recommend this pattern to others.  It's easy and a great staple (wardrobe builder).  During this cold blast, I will definitely get a lot of wear out of them.

These two tops complete the four garments that I made in January 2018.

Happy Sewing!


  1. They all look great, and you wear them well!

  2. They all fit so beautifully. Looking great there, Cenetta!

  3. The sweaters look wonderful! Hope they're keeping you warm during this arctic weather.

  4. Lovely items and Lovely fabric selections ... FIESTA :)

  5. Your sweaters look great! I just purchased this pattern with the intent to do most of the modifications you made. You're always such a good example and inspiration.

  6. That's a lot of snow - makes me glad to be in Texas. Your sweaters look very beautiful.

  7. I love all of your pieces! (But I don’t like the cold!) You look lovely in all the pieces!

  8. Love all of your pieces, especially that coat!



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