Friday, February 23, 2018

McCall 7725 -

At first site, I had to have this pattern.  I told you I'm partial to varying hemlines.  This version I made view B.  sizes 6 through 22; I made 14.

McCall describes the skirts as:  semi-fitted skirts have waistband and side invisible zipper A, B: Ruffles. C: Flounce D:Pleated flounce.

The drawing and the photos are spot-on.  The instructions; very easy and typical no problems to follow.

My fabric was a gift from my fellow Haute Couture Club member, Adrian Birken.  I think it is a cotton blend.  More cotton than other.  It was pretty wrinkled when it came from the dryer.  Starch and steam straighten it out though.  I love the embroidered flowers on top of the plaid. It ran lengthwise.  The length of it was about 1.5 yards enough to easily cut view B.  I do have some scraped left that I could use as trim for a simple top.

I didn't make changes to the front and back of the fitted skirt patterns.  I did line it with a cotton/poly blend to conceal  from my stash. I shorten the flounce by six inches as I needed to cut two.  And there was only so much with the embroidery on it.   I installed a lapped zipper instead of an invisible one.  I used what I had on hand. Lastly I made french seams on the ruffle for a clean finish.

As I was making this version, I tried the skirt on before the waistband the fit was fine.  But when I finished the waistband and did the final press, the skirt was too snug, in my opinion.  Can you gain weight in three days?  I'm just asking.  Grrgh.  Maybe tomorrow it will be better.   Anyway, I will sew it again, another view B and view C.

I do recommend it.  It's easy and style.  A great flirty, fun skirt for summer.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh no! I hope it'll fit again. It's such a beautiful skirt with great details.

  2. I run into a lot of "I'VE GOT TO HAVE THIS ONE" patterns. You did a great job on this skirt and I like it a lot!

  3. Oh this is s cute! Wonderfully creative use of a plaid.

  4. Love how your skirt came out. The use of the border fabric is terrific, Hope it fits again soon.

  5. Really cute skirt Cennetta! I am so sorry it doesn't fit and yes, you can gain weight in 3 days! Ask me how I know, LOL!! Hopefully, it will fit when you try again...I hate for you not to be able to wear it!



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