Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another Flock of Cranes - Simplicity 8014 - Hacked Little Summer Shirt

The flocking cranes continue.  I purchased enough of the crane cotton voile to make my darling daughter a shirt too.

I'm making her a dress, using Simplicity 8014.  So I decided to use the same pattern for a shirt.  This was a super easy pattern hack.  I simply cut the dress pattern the desired length for a button down shirt.  Simple.

My previous review of the dress really says it all as fair as the sewing process is concerned.  My only other changes for her shirt were a small FBA and I did French seams for the sleeve and side seams.  I used the short sleeve instead of the long one.

I came close to matching the cranes on the pocket to the ones on the shirt

So this shirt was easier to make than the dress, which had a lot of steps to finish the sleeve and cuff.

That's it.  Thanks for always stopping by!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Such a clever modification, and it looks so pretty on your daughter!

  2. Great shirt in a fantastic print. I think your pocket matching looks perfect!!



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