Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Very Last Project Sewn in 2019 - McCall M6364

Tonight I decided to do a quick review of my last project of 2019.  I actually finished this top late afternoon on New Year's Eve just before dinner and cocktails with members of my family.

I used McCall M6364 a few years ago when I drafted one of Rhonda's sleeve designs.  That review is really about drafting the sleeve.  So today I will share details on the fit, fabric, and construction.

This is a Palmer/Ptetsch pattern, which makes the fit process easier.  The adjustment lines are already on the pattern pieces and the "how to" instructions are included in the guide sheet.  My initial adjustments were still good on this one.  So I didn't need to change anything making this a quick end of the year project.

The pattern includes four basic t-shirt style tops with neck and sleeve variations. I used view B with long sleeves. It comes in two size groupings (8 to 16 and 16 to 24).  I believe it's OOP now.  But you can find it on Amazon.   It's easy to sew and takes less than two hours to make.  All seams are sewn on the sewing machine and serger.

I chose this pattern because I knew it was a fast project, and I wanted to keep the design simple.  My version does look like the top worn by the model, except for the sleeve length and I added a few inches to the length of the top.

My other changes were for fit purposes.  My usual:
  • FBA - with a dart.  It's almost invisible due to the print.
  • Swayback adjustment with center back seam.
  • Prominent shoulder blades  
  • I also shorten the neckband by 1.5 inches.  The neckbands for the Big-4 are always too long.

My fabric was purchased at the New Rainbow Fabric store on Roosevelt Road.  It is a crepe knit similar to Mood's Liverpool knit collection.  This knit is slightly beefier and they have it in several prints and colors. This is one of the newest textiles in my "forever growing" fabric collection. Lol  I bought it the Friday before New Year's Eve.  Occasionally, I take my sewing students on field trips.  And this was our end of the year trip.

I chose the camouflage print.  The colors were vibrant and the colorway was perfect for my skin tone.  I also had a few coordinate in my wardrobe to pair with my new top.  My McCall M7392 twill skirt and Vogue V8859 TNT pull-on pants that I made a few months ago.

So, that's about it for this one.  Tomorrow, I'll post the "next to last" 2019 project.  And I work through the other reviews as time permits.  Anyway, enjoy the rest of our weekend.

Happy Sewing!


  1. You look great and it's fun top that definitely goes well with your wardrobe. Love your hair btw.



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