Friday, November 2, 2007

NCURA Meeting in Washington, DC

Well, I decided to take a pass on attending the NCURAmeeting. I've attended four consecutive years. This pass is a welcomed change. Currently, I'm faced with continuous testing of our electronic proposal submission interface, which is designed and programmed by InfoEd customized by us (UI). Various departments have volunteered to test drive this baby. In the long run, it will replace for submission of multiple federal mechanisms. This approach to electronic submission is supposedly the cure for the ills of other federal interfaces. Our portal will serve as one stop shopping for developing and monitoring research support.

This has been a great experience. My team and our sponsors are finally seeing some payoff for many years of planning. It's exhausting. Oh well, kinda missing the opportunity to see DC again, but reliefed of the stress of it all. It's all gravy.



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