Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pee Wee Super Bowl - "Get Fired Up"

Wide Receiver
7 wins
3 losses

Saturday morning the family trekked over to the Hillside stadium to cheer on the Markham Patriots, Pee Wee football team. My nephew, Chris (ironman), is the wide receiver and one of the co-captains. As we approached the parking lot, we saw a few of the teams warming up. There were at least two different divisions (pee wee and junior varsity) playing. The Patriots started to warm up shortly after we arrived. The first game was already underway. Chris's team was up next. They marched onto the field. The cheerleaders took their position and started to chant, "Get Fired Up". These little guys played their hearts out. In the end, the Patriots were only medalled for playing the Super Bowl. Their opponent (East Side Bulldogs) made two touch downs to the Patriots one. After the winner was announced, the Patriots congratulated the Bulldogs and proceeded across the field for the coaches pep talk. Afterwards, the team members turned in their uniforms. The family anxiously awaited for the team to come through the gate. My heart was touched by the sensitivity of Chris's teammates. The quarter back was crying; one of the wide receivers was crying. No tears for Chris though! lol. So we all went back to my sister's home for refreshments. I'm glad that his parents are allowing him to do something that he loves. He is enthusiastic and driven, and a honor-roll student. We are very proud. Next year Chris will move to the next division, junior varsity. The following are a few photos from the game.

Patriots Marching onto the Field

Team Line Up

Cheerleaders taking their place

Roy, Chris's brother

Trice and Mom

Mom and Son

Christopher, the Ironman

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