Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Urban College Girl Collection - Third and Fourth Piece

Last weekend I completed two more pieces to my DD Fall collection. The second pair of jeans are made of a mystery fabric bought at Walmart a few years ago. The total cost of the jeans was about $7.00. Initially I thought about adding some rhinestones, but I didn't have a color that went well with the color of the fabric. Maybe I'll add some to the next pair. I didn't do the final press on these jeans; I had to take pictures when DD was willing.

New Look 6274 (OOP)

Black Skirt Wardrobe Builder Piece

Description: Unlined straight skirt, mid-knee, waistband, back zipper and hemline vent.

This particular piece was originally cut out for me. It's been in the UFO bin for over thirteen years! For shame! For shame! Thank God the fabric was still in excellent condition. It's a wool blend with a felt-crepey texture. As we were selecting pieces for the collection, I decided to include this skirt. It's a great wardrobe builder for any collection. DD has a few black skirts, but no pencil skirt. So this UFO was a good add to the collection. I had to scale down the size as it was originally cut at size 10. This was easy to do; I just trimmed the sides of the front and back pieces by 3/4 inch. There was no need to move the darts. The placement was fine. I also adjusted the length of the waistband to fit the finished waistline plus seam allowance plus underlap(1 1/4"). This was a simple skirt pattern, only three pieces. I really didn't follow the instructions. It went together easy and took about two hours to complete. I overlocked the edges, sewed it together, pressed, and added hem tape. Done. Quick gratification project.


  1. Those are fabulous! You've been busy. Your daughter is so beautiful in her new outfits.

  2. Very nice, I like~ I have a brand new machine sitting here, I studied sewing years ago for 3 years and made all kinds of things including a sport coat, but, alas, I have to learn alot all over again... maybe you will inspire me to get that machine humming...



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