Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vintage Pattern Give Away

I asked my DD to scan the first set of patterns for me. After she was done, she kindly replied, "The June Cleaver Collection. By the way, I want something made from three of them. So please keep these. Thanks."

So ladies here is the first set of vintage give away patterns:

Background: These patterns were purchased from a thrift store a few years ago. Most of them are size 14, which translates to a size 10 by today's standards. The average copyright date is 1959.

If you want any of the patterns below, post a comment selecting the pattern(s) that you would like. Then send an e-mail to me at with an address to send patterns to. Thanks, Happy Sewing!

Size 12; cut

Size 14, uncut

Size 14, partially cut

Size 12, partially cut

Size 16, uncut

Size 12, partially cut, no instruction

Size 14, uncut

size 14, cut

Size 14, cut

Size 14, uncut

2 patterns: Sizes 14 and 12, partially cut


  1. Unless someone else has contacted you, I am interested in Vogue 8628 - dress with asymmetrical double breast top; and the sexy Vogue 9825 with the draped neckline and deep scoop back.

    Cool designs!!

  2. I'd like the two piece suit pattern size 16, with the check mark on it (it does not have a pattern brand or number on it. Can I pay for the postage.

  3. Gosh ~ one of the few times in my life where I was I was a smaller size! *LOL* I love alot of these patterns but they are just too small. Hope you find good homes for them!

  4. Those patterns are wonderful and you are so generous!

  5. Thanks for sharing these vintage patterns! I loved looking at them and would love to get Vogue 8268, but I'll pass on it and let it go to a good home. There are so many other projects in the cue that I couldn't give this pattern the attention it deserves. But, oh to look at them! They are divine!!!

  6. Faye, The size 16 pattern is 9940, just above the check mark one. If you still would like the pattern, please send me address info, so I can get the pattern to you.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi, I'd love Vogue 9825, if noone else has claimed it!
    Thank you SO MUCH!!

  9. Spring girl, Sorry about the late response as I didn't have any contact information for you. The pattern that you requested was taken by Bonnie D.



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