Friday, December 21, 2007

McCall's 4175 - Second Jacket

While I was waiting for DD to come home from work, I sewed another jacket from McCall's 4175. This time view C. I made a few changes.

At the front, I added button loops and a tab/placket (I am not sure what it's called-couldn't find it in any of my reference materials). I have seen this style on RTW garments. (Didn't do the final press yet.)

On the sleeves, I added rhinestones. These I purchased from Hancock's several months ago. The original plan was to add them to a pair of jeans but was concern about the application and the prongs...,

The rhinestone were only applied to the sleeve; not the seam allowance. I used the seam allowance to cover the pronged area to protect the skin and other clothing worn underneath the jacket.

1 comment:

  1. What a darling jacket! love the little placket-thingy, love the sleeve inserts and love the rhinestones. Your daughter looks wonderful in it.



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