Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can't Seem To Wrap Up Summer Sewing

By this time I had planned to Recap my summer sewing projects. But I'm still not there yet with three dresses (M6069, V8489, and B5147) still on the sewing table. Maybe at the end of the month I'll be able to give a better report. Still in the queue: three tank tops, two jackets, and two skirts (DD).

Our annual church Men and Women's Conference is fast approaching. I have some ideas for what I'd like to wear. DD has already picked out a dress and wants it made from silk dupioni or a brocade. For the event the women dress in white or off white. Last week JoAnn's and Hancock's had patterns on sale. I picked up a few Vogue and Simplicity patterns. My favorites from the early fall season release were already sold out. Next time.

So for now I'm leaning forward one of the following for my outfit.

Choice #1: - Vogue 1196 (minus the bow to create balance on top and bottom.)

Second options Vogue 1169 - I really like the formation of the lapel, but at the same time it too low and I don't want to where a cami or to fight with the jacket all day. Hmmmm.., I must figure out how to make the adjustment to bring the neckline up a few inches.

I need to finalize my plan soon so that I can get started.

Miss DD will greet our guest this year.

Simplicity 2588 - The green version. This will be the second time I've used this pattern. I made the yellow view for Easter 2010(purple).

Tonight I will M6069 finish. I didn't have the right size elastic. Hopefully, tomorrow I post my version of this dress.

Happy Sewing


  1. I think V1169 would be lovely on you. My vote is for that one. :)

    Don't feel bad about still being on summer sewing. We're hitting Hawaii next month, so I still have summer on the brain, too. Heh.

  2. I'd go with the Simplicity dress. A practical dress that you can wear under a jacket as the weather cools.

  3. I'm not supposed to be sewing for summer?? Didn't get that memo!

  4. Today at JCPenney's I tried 2 skirts identical to the gray suit pattern's. Identical. But yeah... how to bring up that adorable jacket's neckline. I have added dickies to suit jackets. I stitch the dickie to the left shoulder seam and add at least two snaps to the top of right side of the dickie and the other part of the snaps to the shoulder seam. I make them long enough to hang well below the bust and the top edges follow the jacket's shoulder seam lines. I use a bowl from the kitchen or an existing top's neckline from my closet for my dickie's neckline shape. If I make this with a contrasting coordinating fabric, sometimes I'll remove the jacket's buttons and use the dickie's fabric scraps to cover new buttons to replace the ones I removed. Dickies are much cooler than wearing an additional layer, too!

  5. You said: ***Thanks for introducing me to Carolyn. She is a wonderful designer/seamstress.***

    You are so welcome.

    I think you would look so stunning in Choice No. 1.


  6. The V1169 is awesome, hope you find the time and will to finish them.



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