Sunday, July 8, 2018

New Summer Floral Maxi Dress - McCall 7775- View C

I'm pleased to post the second half of my review on McCall 7775-View C.  A few weeks ago, I shared my initial thoughts on this dress.  That post also included some fitting adjustments.  You can read about it here.  I thought I would finish my review a week earlier.  But I had a few hiccups that slowed down the completion of the final dress.  The first things was I didn't buy enough fabric. So I had to go back to the store.  After returning home, I got distracted and didn't get back to it for a few days.

I don't always make a muslin; but this project I thought it would be best to make one because of the neckline and the possibility of gapping along the upper bust and underarm areas.  Good call.  There was just a little gapping, about an inch on either side.  I pinned a little tuck in the muslin, took it off, and then measured the length from the shoulder seam to the side seam.  Finally, I marked where I wanted to ease in the access.  I also had to do a little easing on the facing; not as much though.  This adjustment gave me a snug fit.  Happiness..,

For this first dress, I purchased this floral tropical print from JoAnn's.  It is a rayon/polyester blend.  The hand is soft and it's floaty drape falls close to the body like most rayon.  It doesn't wrinkle as much a 100% rayon, and the polyester content may also help preserve it longer than 100% rayon.  Another thing I like about the fabric.

The construction of the twist can be a little tricky.  One of the illustrations is the opposite of what it should be.  The facing needs to be the reverse image of the dress.  See picture below. I decided to save sewing the side seams of the facing and dress for last.  That was easier for me.

Once I conquered the fit issues, the dress was pretty easy to sew together.  And I like it well enough to make it again.  So, you'll see another version of it soon. ;-)

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love this dress! I think it is because of the interesting twist at the neck, and thanks for posting about your method to insure that the fit was perfect there. :-)

  2. I love the crisscross effect at the neckline!

  3. So pretty!!! And agreed, details like this need to be muslined and especially when you have a full bust. Just too easy for the fit to be off and any slight fitting issue would be magnified.

    It fits so nicely and that print is gorgeous. Oh and I agree about content. Sometimes I like a little poly in a fabric!



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