Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Urban College Girl - Fall 2007

My DD and I have made some progress on the design of her fall 2007 collection. This collection is simple and easy to wear. DD commutes to U of I Monday through Friday for classes and work. She desires clothing that is stylish and low maintenance. DD started helping with the design of the collection without knowing the process. She wants pieces that would compliment what she already has in her closet. And of course, she wants the UFO's that I started last winter. Chuckle, chuckle. This collection has more pieces than I originally planned for. Some are the same style, but different fabric. So far I've only completed one piece. We'll see how much of the collection I can get done before Christmas.

First jacket - brown faux leather completed and reviewed
Second jacket - medium-weight denim
Coat - black or loden wool from Gorgeous Fabrics (to be purchased)
The coat is going to be somewhat of a challenge. DD fell in love with this coat from Nordstroms.

I'll use McCalls 5247 to create my knock off version.

Pleated skirt - moleskin - color?
Pencil skirt - black wool crepe (UFO cut for me over 15 yrs - size 10)
Jeans - green khaki and dark blue denim (UFO's cut last winter)
Dress slacks - 2 pr black wool gabardine and navy pinstripe wool/poly blend

DD and I have purchased a variety of knit fabrics for the tops.
Vest - black wool gabardine same as the dress slacks.

We are still working out matching fabric to top design. Here are the fabric choices.


  1. You've picked out some great designs. Can't wait to see them come together!

  2. I absolutely love the coat/jacket. If my hips were about 50 inches smaller it would be perfect for me LOL.

  3. I think this collection you put together for you daughter will definiately be a huge hit, I'm seeing lots of trendy pieces, especially that jacket, this is such a good idea, I wish I could do that!

  4. That coat will be amazing! When I was in college I never went to class looking that good! I was lucky if my jeans were clean!

  5. Thanks, ladies. Creating a collection is a new adventure for me. My DD is in love with the inspiration coat. Keep a watchful eye. I'll post photos of "my version".



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