Monday, May 5, 2008

Adding Functional Pockets to Vogue 2812

This is the second pair of jeans cut from Vogue 2812. I decided to make functional front pockets for these. First Pair

Here is the process that I followed:

1. For the pocket facing, I used the pattern piece 1 for the upper edge to match curve of the front of the pants at the pocket opening.

2. For the side front pocket, I used pattern piece 4 for upper edge. Then followed the line for the rest using the "new" pocket facing.

3. Cut pocket out of the desired fabric, broadcloth or lining, which ever you prefer.

4. Attached the pocket facing to front of the pants wrong sides together. Then turned, pressed and topstitched.

5. Adding small pocket. Pressed upper edge; then top stitched. Pressed side and lower edge of small pocket as instructed. Pinned small pocket to side front (4) and top stitched sides and lower edges.

6. Sewed side front to new side front for pocket bag.

7. Attached side front to front pants. Basted top and side edges.

Conclusion: This is my first time I attempt at this. The next try I'll make the seam allowance wider along the outer edge of the pocket. Other than that I was satisfied with the results.


  1. Those look great! I have yet to try jeans!

  2. That is one amazing looking pair of jeans!

  3. Love those jeans. You always seem to turn out a great pair of pants.

  4. Nice jeans! And pockets in pants are a must, aren't they?

  5. Thanks everyone.

    Christina - I think like you. Jeans must have pockets! Alice and Olivia pants don't have pockets. They only give the illusion that there is a pocket.

  6. Wow what a great job!!They look fantastic on you!!

  7. Those are fantastic jeans and love your pocket instructions!



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