Thursday, May 22, 2008

Adding Rhinestones as an Embellishment

Yesterday, everyone asked how did I attach rhinestones to the bolero jacket in the previous post?

My response:

I hand sewed the rhinestones on. The rhinestones come linked by very heavy white thread. Each link has space enough between to stitch. I use the same color thread as the garment or filament thread so it will easily blend in. At the ends, I pull a few rhinestone off the chain and fold back the thread then glue them to the back of the chain. Where the two ends meet, I try to secure as well as possible to the garment. I also try to put the joining ends in a place on the garment that isn't highly visible.

There are a variety of rhinestones trim that you can purchase. Some come with stiff netting attached that can be sewed between the dress and lining or facing. This type is more difficult to sew. It's hard to get close to the stones without breaking needles.

If anyone has more suggestions, please feel free to comment.



  1. I buy from the Rhinstone Guy, too. I love the products and that I can get them on the East Coast from Cali is less than a week!

  2. thanks for posting this info!



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