Monday, May 5, 2008

Fitting Vogue 1015 - Ms. CB

This weekend I worked on several projects. Some for myself, my DD, and Ms. CB's gown. Saturday I completed the muslin, and Sunday after church I was able to work on fitting the muslin.

When I make a muslin for a client, I usually select the recommended size based on the measurements taken. Ms. CB measurement coincided with size 14. The pattern was up to size 12. So I graded it up to what would be size 14. One of the benefit of sewing the muslin is I get an idea of where the challenges are in the construction of the garment. First noted was the multiple pieces of the skirt, some pieces requiring gathers while others requiring pleats. The joining of these sections with careful handling of the thickness of the final seam. And the joining of the lower bodice (cut on the bias) to the front of the skirt.

Sunday's fitting did not include the fitting of the foundation. I'll work on that once I've had the adjustments to the shell/lining of the dress.

Ms. CB is petite about (5'3")

Alterations needed:

Shorten the lower bodice by 1"
Lower bust dart by 1"
Shorten Straps 3/4"
Increase width of back bodice by 1 1/2" from bust to waist
Shorten skirt by 2"
Decrease width at neckline 1"; gaps at center front

Pricing is always a challenge for me. Most of the people that I sew for are friends, family or church family. I always log the amount of time spent for each item made for clients. (I'm slow). The final price divide by the hours gives me a rate per hour, which in most cases very little considering the amount of time spent. (I've got to work on my speed).

Log to date:

4/19/08 Reading instructions and cutting pattern 4:30p- 5:52p
5/3/08 Sewed Muslin 5:15p-7:24p
5/4/08 Fitting the Muslin 2:00p- 2:30p

I took several photos which I'll display later with the adjusted views.

More Later...,


  1. Ufff......Cennetta , I'm also very slow to work ..... and the hours do not leave profitable. can be done. I prefer to be safe rather than running. I admire you, it's a good seamstress, the muslin is essential to projecting any dress well. I always do muslin, I was taught well and is a foolproof method. my best wishes for their new projects. A hug. Paco

  2. Oooo I picked up that pattern. I can't wait to see your progress!

  3. Ah, yes... pricing is always sticky. However, pricing after the garment is done, is even stickier. Sometimes it isn't only about how long it takes to make something - it is also about the level of difficulty.



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