Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've Been Tagged by Marita and Mardel

This is so late..., I was tagged by Marita and Mardel.

Here goes...,

1. What was I doing ten years ago? That's a loaded question. My life was so different back then. I was married with one DD (11 years ago). My day job was with the University of Illinois at Chicago, Office of the Research Services, where I served as a Departmental Information Supervisor. The title of my job didn't really speak to the work I actually did. There were only a few individuals supervised by me. Most of my work was to assistant the Director, provide stats on research activity, and act as liasion for the Vice Chancellor for Research. At that time I was also pursuing a degree in Information Decision Sciences (Quantitative Methods). I didn't sew as much given I had three full time jobs already. lol

2. What are 5 things on my to do list today? Sewing related to do list includes:

- Purchase the Fabric for my coat (Great Coat Sew Along) I was supposed to do that before Sunday, but haven't had time. I'm still catching up from being gone nearly a week.
- Finish Ms. CB gown 1015. Last weekend I was able to finish the bodice lining and put together the foundation. Ms. CB was not available for a fitting this weekend. Today we arranged the next fitting for Sunday afternoon.
- Finish jacket for violet dress I made in April. I'm invited to a dinner party (banquet), Saturday night and wanted to wear the dress with jacket.
- Organize the many UFO's I have. Last night I looked through them and became exhausted thinking about how I can get it all finished.
- Work with my DD on the dresses and blouses she wants made before school starts again.

3. Snacks I enjoy? I love, love chocolate; but I eat it in moderation. fruit, cheese, and Lay's potato chips.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire? I am no where near being independently wealthy. So it would take me about five months to get over the shock of having billionaires. The first thing that I would do is find and retain a viable financial planner. Next, I would probably set up a foundation or two (shelter and educational) to help those in need. Third, find a way to share my wealth with my family (daughter, sisters, and mom) without crippling them. Help them to reach some goal/dream. Finally, buy a home for me. I love the homes showcased in "House Beautiful" and "Better Homes and Garden". I would love a scaled down version of a "Martha Stewart's House". Not flashy; warm, comfortable, and inviting. That's about it. I will continue to do some kind of work (at the foundations), sewing, travel, etc. I wouldn't change too much; I'll have more time to relax and do the things I enjoy.

5. Places I have lived? My mom's family is from Huntsville, AL and my dad's people from Grenada, MI. But I was born and bread in Chicago, Illinois. I haven't live anywhere else except for living in Champaign, Illinois for a brief time while in college.

6. What type of work have I done? Babysitter, extra-help at a daycare facility, typist, Secretary Transcriber, Administrative Secretary, Information Services Supervisor, Departmental Information Supervisor, Module Administrator (Functional Support for application), Assistant Producer for christian programs aired on Chicago CAN TV, School board member, Teen Mentor, Trainer for video camera work, Secretary for Board of Director (There Is A Way Outreach Ministries).

7. 6 peeps I want to know more about?

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  1. Hey Cenetta, thank you for answering, you've done a lot:-) and interesting stuff too.

  2. Cennetta .- I also responded to this challenge. So we know a little better together. You have a very full life .... congratulations. best wishes. Paco

    Pta .- thank you for your attention to photos of wedding dress. I am happy that you like.

  3. Hi Cenetta, thanks for tagging me! i always get excited when someone actually notices that I am "here". i did this challenge last week or so. Pop on over for a visit. Is it okay that I add you to my blogroll?

  4. Thank you for tagging me.I hope you become a billionaire soon.

  5. Thanks for your kind words! They meant a lot coming from you! We have so much in common!

  6. Connie - Sure. Thanks for the compliment. ;-)

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!! I was a little concerned about the blouse pattern because I had read a review on pattern review that said it wasn't an easy one. Do you think it is one for a beginner like myself?

  8. Hi Cenetta:

    Thanks for tagging me. :) For this tag I had tagged myself before, lol. Ahhh a billion, heck I'd be happy with 50k to pay off my college loans. Lol




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