Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jackets Simplicity 2977 and 2938

Friday evening, before going to the movie (The Forbidden Kingdom), I pattern fitted and altered the jackets for S2977 and S2938. I found my fabric at Vogue Fabrics in the Remnants Room (100% wool (med weight) at 50% off and mystery fabric also 50% off). I love shopping the Remnants Room. You can always find some nice pieces of fabric for half the price.

Simplicity 2938

FBA Needed

Pattern Fitting - Adjustment for broad shoulders Also needed slight increase in hip area.

FBA on Pattern

Broad Shoulder Adjustment on Back Sleeve Pattern --Slight adjustment on Back as well (not shown).

Simplicity 2977

FBA Needed -- Will also add 1/2" to Center Front

Side View Pattern Fitting

May Need Sway Back -- Still Debatable based on shape of the jacket.

Back Yoke w/Adjustment

Front w/ FBA

Back w/Broad Shoulder Adjustment

Neither Jacket requires lining. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get one finished before leaving town.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Thank you for showing these things on actual pattern pieces. It helps so much to have a visual.

  2. I need to get better about tissue fitting and making muslins. Sometimes I still sew like I did when I was 16—fast and furious!

  3. I'm so glad u showed pattern fitting. I tried doing that but for some reason my garments come out way to big still. I can't wait to see the final products

  4. How on GGE do you do that without making a mess of your pattern tissue?
    Kudos to you.

  5. Cennetta .- Me too I love to buy at the remains of rooms ..... uff. I become crazy .... Yesterday I went to a store where everything settled and bought some beautiful silks, can not resist, is like a drug. It's my house full of fabrics. I love his new project, the jacket is very simple but elegant. Best wishes, Paco

  6. Lindsay - I wish I could be fast and furious, but my body won't let me. lol I have to almost always pattern fit or make a muslin for upper body garments.

    Marji - I'm very, very careful with pin and pattern. I patiently sit at the table to make the changes. The pictures are so helpful too.

    Paco - I don't know what I would do if Vogue didn't have a remnant room. lol

  7. I like seeing the visual also. When you fit the back on yourself do you always have someone take a picture and then evaluate? I can't imagine any other way, but I know some people are good with 2 mirrors.

  8. Hi Cennetta! I love checking out your pattern alterations because they are so similar to what I do. Just one question here. The alteration on the back yoke was for--broad back?

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  10. Claire -Recently, I've been taking photos. It's so helpful. Before that, it was trail and error.

    Kat - Yes, the alteration of the yoke is to accommodate broad shoulders. I also have prominent shoulder blades. So this alteration will give me a little more room. I've noticed with yoke backs its a little snug across my shoulder blades without any alteration.

  11. Thank you,Cennetta.This is just what I need.I'm embarking on the fitting journey and you are a huge motivating force.

  12. I have never tissue fitted, I always construct muslins. It's nice to see how it'a actually done! Thank you!



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