Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Naples, Florida is Beautiful

Naples, Florida is Beautiful... Oh did I say that the last time. ..., Well it really is. Our vendor, InfoEd, always selects an outstanding site for the conference. The food served by the hotel and the surrounding restaurants is the best. I never arrive home feeling like I need to cook a feast to make up for the lack of a tasteful meal. The hotel accommodations were equally impressive. There are two Ritz Carlton hotels in Naples. We lodged at the Golf Resort. The other is on the Gulf shore line. I was privileged to watch the sunset two nights while at/after dinner.

All in all the conference was very good and well attended by research institutions around the globe. I'm excited about the new functionality and enhancements planned for upcoming releases. The sessions that I attended covered a lot of features that my institution plans to explore and/or implement. It was good. ...,

Wednesday afternoon me and a group of friends from another institution drove down town and to the mall/outlet to do a little shopping. Sherry Wright, Georgia Medical Center, researched the area for fabric stores. We stopped by Jay's Fabric and Upholstery, 937 4th Avenue North, Naples, FL 34102, 239-435-7222. This store stocked some beautiful fabrics. There were two lovely rolls of silk dupioni that really spoke to me, but my pocket said, "No, NO way." Each sold for $68.00 per yard. Too rich for my blood. Both were black and white: one with an ethnic motif and the other a mood square, rectangle motif. I saw two dresses.

I only have a couple pictures taken with my camera phone. I accidently deleted all pictures saved while trying to adjust the settings on my camera. Bomber. Oh well, the sunset photo above was the best out of the three.


  1. WOW!!! what a great sunset:-)

  2. That's a gorgeous picture...makes me long for Hawaii. I'll be going soon & I'll post picutres when I get back. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is an amazing picture! I haven't been to Florida but now I want to go.

  4. I was in Naples,FL on a business trip in 2004 I think and we stayed at the Ritz Carlton. I believe it may have been the same one with the Golf Course. Two things I remember about that trip: How nice the room bathrooms were and The delicious food!!!! Oh my goodness... I find myself thinking about the food often, knowing that I'll probably never get to stay there again on my own so I really enjoyed it while I was there. I remember I was pregnant at the time and didn't get to partake in the spirits we had with dinner our last night.

    That's a really nice picture.

  5. Oh MY!!! That is such a beautiful picture!



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