Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Beginning To "Feel" A Lot Like Christmas!

Finally, I'm starting to "feel" the Christmas spirit. Last week my sister and I spent some time planning the Christmas holiday activities for our family. Today she sent the final itinerary of outings. Yes, I said itinerary. It's makes it easier for us. We all work a lot of hours on our respective jobs and our children's ages from 5 to 21 years old. So we try very hard to plan some activities that all family (and a few friends) members can enjoy.

How does your family spend the holiday?


  1. Church on Christmas Eve, a walk on Christmas day, and a nice dinner with family and 2 grandmothers. Rather quiet. Looking forward to it, but it will be next week before I'm going to "feel like Christmas".

  2. Sigrid, I usually go to church on Christmas morning. But I'm the only one who does. ;-)

  3. Hah! Is your sister the oldest child? 'Cause this itinerary is typical first-born kind of stuff. Take it from a first-born child.

  4. Lindsay - I'm the eldest child. Go figure. My sister is more "scheduled" driven than me. ;-)



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