Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here In Albany, NY - Sewing on My Mind

Well this week I'm in Albany, New York, attending the annual User Group Meeting (InfoEd International). Every year my team makes the trek to the conference. Originally, it was supposed to be in New Orleans, but because of low participation the vendor moved the conference to Albany. It was a good decision. About 150 institutions are in attendance.

Everyone is suffering budget cuts. I'm glad we were able to attend. It's good to get away from the day to day, and it's great to talk and see the people who help us keep the system running. There are a lot of familiar faces (other customers), but many that attended last year's conference aren't here this time. May be more people will come tomorrow.

I was able to make a two pair of slacks, both from McCall patterns: M5818 and M5710. Both turned out well. I've used the M5710 before. Back zipper in pants is my least favorite; so I installed in the front. No changes to the M5818 pair. When I posted my review of the dress from this pattern I thought I wouldn't use the pant pattern, but you know how that goes. I actually cut out two pair, only had time to sew one. I'll post my review later.

Anyway, I'm here; my sewing stuff is at home. There isn't a lot to do or see in Albany. Oh well...,

Happy Sewing!


  1. I can't imagine Albany as a hotbed of excitement! Oh well, maybe you can catch up on your reading! :)

  2. Have a great week - I'm sure the company you keep will make up for the inspiration the host city doesn't have. :)

  3. Cennetta, thanks so much for the comment on the dress. I loved making it for her.

    Since Albany's not too exciting, you can always suf the web looking for inspiration for your next project!

  4. I've never been to Albany. But I did get to go to Charleston, WV last year and at first I was bored to tears. Until I got to walk around and became pleasantly surprised. Those three days turned out to be the most relaxing I'd had in a long time.

    Coming from S.A. which is a big city here in TX you're used to the craziness of a larger town. So when I was in Charleston, such a mellow and calmer town I was taken aback. By the time I left I was loving the town, because I was recharged.

    Many praises to you for all the gorgeous garments you've made from the last posts. I've missed out on them earlier (hangs head in shame). I loved the dresses for the girls they look like princesses. :):):)


  5. Thanks all! Wouldn't you know it. It's been super busy. Sessions start at 8:00am and end around 6:00pm



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