Monday, June 1, 2009

So Distracted

It's been over a week since my last post. I've had very little time to blog, but managed to get some sewing done. And you better believe that I have dreamed about upcoming sewing projects and things to blog about.


Last week my team (work) had our annual two day retreat in Urbana. We spent the working hours developing our strategic plan for the coming year. We discussed, roles changes, goals, and policies and procedures. It's a big to do and is exhausting to say the least. One good thing is it keeps us on task and gives us a clearer view of the expectations of each team member and the group as a whole. The second good thing is no evaluations this year. No money, no increases, no evaluations. Only glad about the no evaluations. Typically, each person evaluates themselves. Then meets with the project manager, who has also prepared an evaluation, to discuss all of the "stuff" discussed at the retreat from an individual point of view.

Mid-June three of us (team) will travel to Albany, NY, for the annual User Group Meeting. I've cut out a some pants to wear during the conference. I'm hoping to make two new outfits for the trip.

Memorial Day Weekend - Both Hancock's and JoAnn's had great sales. Of course, I bought a few patterns and cuts of fabrics. I'm sure most of my sewing and blogging buddies took advantage of the sales. I haven't read many blogs lately, but plan to catch up this week.

Plans within plans - Quite a few sewists/designers have posted reviews of making jeans, all have done a fabulous job of creating unique designs and sharing techniques. I plan to jump on the jean band wagon this summer too. Also plan to make a few garments from vintage patterns. Two weeks ago, while searching through my vintage patterns I found a Plamer/Pletsch vintage jean pattern. It's loaded with tips and techniques for making a great pair of jeans. I used this pattern over twenty-five years ago to make jeans for my mom. Back then I didn't pay close attention to all the benefits. I'm glad I kept this one and will share the tips and techniques with you.

More later and Happy Sewing!


  1. Welcome back! I have that Butterick pattern. I made it when I was in high school. Is it considered "vintage" today? LOL

  2. You must be anxious to sew! It's a good stress reliever after traveling so much. Love the vintage patterns, and what is old is new again!

  3. I know I hah this pattern. When I sold my house 15 years ago to start a new life with the man of my dreams, I thew out most of my old patterns and have been kicking my self ever since.
    Looking forward to seeing what you'll sew next.

  4. A jeans pattern that fits perfectly is such a rare gem! Look forward to seeing your jeans!

  5. I love that Advance pattern! Will you be working on that anytime soon?

  6. Thanks, Ladies.
    Carolyn - I plan to make the Advance outfit for my birthday this year. So I'll make it August, September.

  7. Love the vintage patterns..most of them are looking like clothes that are being worn today.

  8. Looks like you have some wonderful choices picked out.Your B-Day outfit will be gorgeous!



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