Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inspiration - Haute Couture Club of Chicago - Fashion Show 2013

Now that the prom season is coming to a close (still one more dress to review), I'm turning my thoughts to fashion show 2013 projects. Next year I want to make something truly outstanding. I want to make something that has a tremendous Wow factor. At the same time I want to incorporate some trend related aspect into a few of my projects plus try a few more couture techniques. Below are a few trends I that piqued my interest.

Printed Blazer
Standout Pants
Embellished Trench
Lace Skirt
Floral Body Suit
     and of course,
Peplum Top (New Look 6030 is cute)

For today's inspirational post, I hone in on the embellished trench. I will make at least one coat during the next six months, and it may as well include some aspect of the popular trends of the day. There are many forms of embellishment. It's basically the act of adding extraneous decorations to something. As it relates to sewing, it can be as simple as sewing on an applique or trim. Or it can be as elaborate as manipulating layers of the fabric. I am drawn to several of the garments published in Cadena Mode Autumn 2010-2011.

 So here goes, I hope these choices inspire you too.

Jacquard patchwork coat with chintz finish.

Big flowers jacquard coat trimmed with passementerie on collar and cuffs.

Silk tweed (plaid) coat with patchwork embroidered details.
Jacquard coat with flowers and animal print.

Alpaca coat with line drawing made with two tones of same textile cuts, Satin silk blousson with woollen guipure overskirt

Organza embroidered dress and organza coat trimmed on same fabric than dress.

Jacquard velvet coat with geometric design and sequins dress crossed on waist.

Printer silk and wool coat, silk printed dress wit small channels on body.

Embroidery silk coat black skirt with broad belt and chiffon shirt crossed in collar and sleeves.

Description are as provided by Cadena Mode.


  1. The inspiration pictures you have posted are just lovely...and I can see using them as a jumping off place for your creativity! BTW, I visit my daughters who live in Chicago fairly frequently and would love to attend a Haute Couture Club of Chicago show sometime.....what are the dates for 2013? Are guests allowed?

  2. Patty - YES, guest are allowed. We would love to have you come. The date for the fashion show isn't set yet. It will be sometime in May of next year. I will keep you posted.

  3. Fabulous coats! Thanks for sharing.

  4. These choices are absolutely remarkable! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Wonderful inspiration! How often I plan to do "something interesting", then cop out and go the easy route just to get the item done. But it most definitely is worth the time spent to add the embellishment. Whatever you chose to do, it will certainly look amazing.

  6. You've gathered up the gorgeousness! Thanks Cennetta

  7. Great inspiration pics! Almost makes me forget it's 90 degrees outside, oy.



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