Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vogue 8190 Transferring Adjustments to the Pattern, Part II

This is the second installment of the Vogue 8190 prom dress for my cousin. The adjustments were pretty easy, and I was able to transfer them to the pattern pieces with no problems. Below are the steps taken to make cutting and sewing easy.

First, I drew the new line starting below the hip area to the bottom of the upper skirt.  Here you see the full back lining.

Next, I trimmed away the excess tissue.  This process was done for the front as well.                        

The same adjustment is needed for the front and back of the dress.  Both pieces have this flounce like shape.  After it has been ruched, it will resemble a typical front and back close fitting dress.

Here is the pattern with the excess trimmed away.                       

Instead of using the bodice front (center ruching) for C, I decided to use the bodice front lining for my version of View C.  The top of the dress will have a lace overlay.  I want it to be as smooth as possible.   At the top of this piece I graded the pattern down to size 8 then gradually out to size 12.  All other pieces where adjusted the same.                        

The adjustment was also made to the foundation front and back sides.     


That's it for the pattern adjustments. Next, I'll sew the dress together.

Stay Tuned!


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