Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Resolution - Striving for Excellence

After reading Carolyn's Recap 2007 and Adrienne's Resolution, Do You Make Them? posts I started thinking about what I can do to improve myself and my skills. I never really make a resolution about crafting, but Andrienne got me to thinking about it after a brief e-mail exchange last Thursday. So this year I decided to expand on my current resolution practices by putting some words to what I hope to accomplish in 2008. My general resolution theme is Striving for Excellence. Continuously and constantly striving to do better and be better in general.

Better Blogging -

Blogging is new to me this year. I have been reading blogs for several years and finally got up the courage to participate in this wonderful phenomenon. It's educational, motivating, inspiring, encouraging, and rewarding. It allows me to learn from fellow artists, share my experiences, improve my writing skills, and gives an opportunity to develop new friendships as far as the internet reaches. It's absolutely awesome.

I already talk about things other than sewing: like cooking, entertainment, travel, family events. I want to add a few more features. Occassionally I want to have
special features (eg., Breast Cancer article), spiritual reads, improved blog layout and content, and to purchase a better camera.

Better Sewing -

More Challenging projects - This year I took on the challenge of sewing dresses for two wedding parties. It was way too much work for me to do very well and maintain a adequate productivity at my 9 to 5. This year's challenging projects will be more skill related vs. quantity of service. I'll be more selective in what I decide to take on. My personal challenges: leather working of some kind and two or three new techniques.

New sewing machine - I've been wanting an industrial sewing machine (straight stitch) for while and would like to make this my 2008 equipment purchase. The other machine I've got have is an embroidery machine. I would like to least put a hefty down payment on one of these babies this year.

Refine terms and conditions for clients - Last Fall I updated my terms and conditions, but it still needs some fine tuning. Standardize my price list of services.

Purchase more reference books - My wish list is huge. Currently there are 18 on the list. I want to at least buy: High Fashion Sewing Secrets from the World's Best Designers, Patternmaking for Fashion Design, and The Art of Manipulating Fabric.

Get better organized - I don't have a designated space for sewing and my sewing machines and supplies. They are stored throughout my apartment and designated storage room in the basement. I need to bring it all together and figure out the best way to keep track of everything.

UFO's - Complete at least half of my UFO's. I have two rubbermaid bins filled with UFO's.

Join some crafting organization/attend a craft convention. Possibilities: ASG, Creativfestival, PR Annual Conference. I have several friends in Chicago who sew, but I think it would be equally benefical to join a organization or attend a convention.

I think this is a reasonable resolution for blogging and sewing. The rest of my resolution relates to work, improving and expanding my career skill set, being a better me: spiritual awareness, contibutions, and self-improvement over all.


  1. Ohhh, which industrial machine are you going to get?! LOL Happy New Year!!!(again lol)

  2. Cenetta, I have been making personal resolutions at the begining of the new year for the past five years with a 60% success rate. I read so many blogers new year resolution including yours that I was inspire by all you guys. I started working on my new year resolution after i read Carolyn's post, however after i read your post the light bulb went off, how perfect.

  3. I'm working on the quantity over quality resolution this year. What little I've accomplished so far, I'm really enjoying stretching myself.

    If you're going to try working with leather, my suggestion is to go to the thrift store and look for items there to cut up. I bought some good leather in NYC at PR Weekend in 2006, but probably went through 5 thrift store garments before I felt confident enough to cut into the leather.

    Good luck with your resolutions, and with sewing machine shopping. I just bought a new one myself and I'm looking out for the UPS man.

  4. you can try "meet up dot com" to find a group of sewers that live near you. I joined here in Philly and love the group of women that I met.

  5. Alethia, I've been making them for a while as well with maybe a 50% success rate. lol

    Karen, Thanks for the advice. I have to "out dated leather jackets that I plan to use to test my ability to work with leather. I'm interested in making purses. What has been your experience?

    So Sew Lost, Thanks for stopping by and the advice. I would also like to welcome you to the wonderful world of bloggers. I hope I've said something or made something to inspire you.

    Happy New Year!

  6. The year that I decided to attend several sewing expos was pivotal to improving my sewing abilities. I strongly encourage you to accomplish this goal. You will be amazed at how it will take your sewing to the next level!

  7. wishing your year to bring you what you seek. Sewing less quantity, but attempting more challenging projects and raising the bar on the quality level is a wonderful objective.

    I know you're primarily about sewing, but do you also knit? If you do, do you attend Stitches Midwest in Chicago in August? It's a great conference.

    And lastly, the pattern arrived, and it's fabulous. Thank You! I'll be blogging about it next blog post.

  8. Hi Marji,

    I'm glad you received the pattern. I hope it serves you well. Thanks for the info on the Stitches conference. I do crochet and knit a little, very basic projects.

    Thanks again,



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