Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's the Weekend

I'm very thankful that the weekend has come. It's very cold in the mid-west, temperatures hi 9 lo 4 degrees. The plan is to avoid coming outside, clean house, cook, organize sewing projects and sew something.

Last night I was able to read some of my favorite blogs. So many have already started thinking about their spring wardrobes. I really haven't put a lot of thought into my wardrobe for the upcoming season. There are several pieces for fall and winter on the cutting table or in a bin that I want to make.

A few sewists posted their thoughts on the Michael Kor V1029 with the ruching down the backside. All thumbs down. JoAnn and Hancock's have had pattern sales and I picked up a few. lol. I also grabbed a few New Look patterns from Walmart's. They are a little cheaper than Joann's. This year I am carefully selecting patterns to add to my collection. What I mean by that is picking patterns with a style element that isn't included in any pattern that I already have. Occassionally, I mix and match pattern pieces and views to come up with my own design based on an inspirational piece or fitting preference. It is my desire to make this approach a common practice since I have so much to chose from already. Here are my recent additions and why I chose them:

I like the coat. I'm not too crazy about the 3/4 length sleeves on this coat. ...,would use the sleeve on the jacket instead.

The attraction to this one was the closures and collars variations.

I want to make jogging pants and tank tops for my spa vacation in March. This pattern fits the bill.

Recently my attention has turned to accessories. I've never made gloves before, and I liked the designs that this pattern has to offer.

I have a cap similar to view D, second on the right. ..., would like a few more.

Another selected for spa weekend. Purchased this pattern for the cover up. Also like the white suit minus the tie.

Don't have a jacket with a yoke back, band over back elastic detail.

This one is for my sister. This jacket is the caller.

I really like to fullness of these pants with the combination of the pocket variations.

The front detailing on the jacket is what prompted me to buy this one. It looks a little retro and I like retro.

Finally, View B (red skirt) is for my DD.

Last but not least, I purchased some more fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. No ideas on what to make yet.


  1. You've highlighted some great patterns, Cenneta. I love that New Look coat. The fabrics you purchased are beautiful!

  2. I like your pattern choices, some will go on my list :) Beautiful fabrics too :)

  3. I have the same New Look pattern with the 3/4 sleeves, and thought the same as you about the sleeves. I really like it and already have a fabric I'd like to use. But maybe for spring. Love your other pattern choices as well and the fabric too. Stay Warm! LOL



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