Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Belt for Dress M5269

One of the things I've been trying to do lately is feature out ways to use remnants from previous sewing projects. Over the years, I have accumulated several boxes. So with this project I decided to make a belt. The inspiration for making this belt comes from Cadena Fashion magazine. This is one of my absolute favorite inspiration mags.

Here's the dress belt combo.
I used S6763 to create the roses for it.
I added a finish piece to concile the raw edges of the flowers and leaves.

The Process:

Belt - To make the belt I cut two stripes of fabrice 4 inches wide 35 inches long. I fused interfacing of the same size to each piece. Then I sew them together leaving a 4 inch opening in the middle of one of the long seams. Turned the belt to the right side, pressed and stitched the opening closed. Three Hooks and Eyes are sewn on for closure.

Roses and stems - I cut three roses, four leaves, four stems, and three finishers. The leaf is a circle piece of fabric with four notches separating four even quarters of the circle.

Fold the circle in half.

Bring the outer ends to the middle of the half circle. Baste along the curve edge twice for gathering.

Fold the flower piece in half and stitch for gathering. Baste the finish piece and pull the thread to slightly turn the raw edge to the wrong side of the fabric.

Prepared flower pieces for assembling.

The pattern instructions only suggest rolling the flower onto itself to form the rose. I'm always afraid it will come undone without securing it with stitches. So as I roll I stitch the outer fabric to the forming rose. Then I stitch the formed leaves to the rose in the same manner.

Once the leaves are attached to the rose, I slip stitch the finishing piece to the base of the flower.

The finished roses are then assembled and attached to the belt as desired.

I added stems after the photographed process. They can be created using basic spaghetti strap construction.

The Sewing Divas recently posted An Alternative for Real Buttons: Make a Dior Rose.


  1. Saw your review on Pattern Review for this dress. It is absolutely gorgeous and the fit is beautiful. I love what you did with the belt.

  2. I saw your review at PR this AM. Love the dress and the belt is gorgeous as well. Good information on how you did this. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. BEAAUUTIFUL!!! Wherever you went (or will go) in this dress, people were sure treated to eye candy. You look drop-dead gorgeous in it!

  4. I just saw your review on PR.
    Very flattering, and the color is wonderful on you. The belt is a really nice touch.
    Just curious, where do you pick up Cadena? Fishmans? I just do screenshots from their website, but that is hardly satisfactory.

  5. Thank you everyone!
    Marjorie, Fishman's does sell Cadena magazine and fabric to make the garments featured in the catalog. I stopped by the store during Christmas week. They were sold out of the current issue. The next issue will be available in February. I asked them to call me when it arrives. The fabric catalog is absolutely phenomenal. The fabric is priced $50.00 per yard and up, way up. For me, it's just beautiful to look at.

  6. Thanks for such clear & concise directions on making the flowers and the belt!

  7. Fabulous dress and rose belt

  8. Cennetta, I'm impressed....the belt is exactly like the picture! And the dress looks fabulous and you look fabulous in it.



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