Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ageless Beauty

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and said to yourself "I'm old"? Or right before your birthday felt sad because you were about to hit another plateau? Some would say this is an example of looking at life as if the glass was half empty. I am a firm believer of the opposite. I am glad to be here for more than four and half decades, which translates into about 16,725 days.

Why am I talking about age and time? The mailman delivered my copy of Vogue magazine the August 2008 issue. One the Cover is "The Age(less) Issue". Ms. Kate Moss is the cover girl. I quickly turned the pages. Vogue featured a phenomenal woman for every age group: 20, 30, 40,..., 90.

Ms. Diahann Carroll (I am a fan) represents the 70's; she is 73 and beautiful. The author describes her as "grand gestures" and her movement is that of a swan, graceful. As I previewed the many pages devoted to "The Ageless", I discovered some phenomenal women I'd never heard of like Betty Fussell and Sloan Barnett. The articles talk about their accomplishments and their approach to life. All of these women are strong, resilient, confident, and beautiful. Their beauty isn't just skin deep; it's to the heart and soul.

Some of my take aways from their stories are: it is so important to retain a positive outlook on life. It helps build self-worth and self-esteem. Learn to feel good about yourself at this moment in time. Wearing clothes that compliment your body shape and your personality boost your confidence. When you look good, you feel "better". And finally, "Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number."



  1. Girl! The best is yet to come!!! happy Birthday!

  2. I love it when magazines do "ageless beauty" features like this. It helps reinforce that you can look good at any age, like gorgeous Diahann Carroll.

  3. I absolutely agree with you! I remembered preparing 9 mos. in advance of turning 40. I was HAPPY about it! Couldn't wait. It was like the dawn of a new era--no babies, no diapers, back to my old self LOL. Repositioning my place in time.

    There are so many good "older" role models. My mother and MIL included. In fact, my MIL is 86 and helps out residents in the nursing homes. Except she's not a resident! She's extremely fashionable, quick witted, has the mind of a 35-year old, no grey hairs ;), and no one thinking she's a day over 60. And her attitude is young as well.

  4. Cenetta, I'm with you. As I get older, I'm choosing to celebrate that fact, rather than decry the inevitable physical changes. How much better it is to get old than to die early! I do not ascribe to James Dean's statement, (I paraphrase), when he said something like, "Die young and leave a pretty corpse".

  5. My subscription to Vogue has lapsed so I'm gonna have to head to the newsstands and look for this copy...I have to renew this because the September issue is HEAVY to carry home!

  6. Ahhh! That was a refreshing read. Quick side note: I recently took a huge risk and changed career paths. It paid off, because at the ripe age of 47 I landed the job I've been wanting for a long time. Here's the encouraging part: I was allowed to enter into a 3-5 year training program. The average age of all the other participants is probably around 26 or so. I said all that to say, no one should ever feel as though life has gotten away from them or that it's too late to accomplish dreams. God uses/blesses his people at every age. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Cennetta .- happy birthday. is for many years and in our lives. we are in a good age, I would even go ahead of you, the next will be 47. hugs, Paco

  8. I just picked mine up but haven't read it yet.
    What I've really enjoyed about the last several issues of the Age issues is that after the women hit 40 they do focus their editorial content on the accomplishments and personalities of the women they're featuring. And they've chosen some phenomenal women in the last few years. Unfortunately for the 20's and even the 30's all they could focus on was their beauty (skin deep).
    Last years issue featured a teen decade too, and I have to tell you, they featured a bunch of spoiled teens sporting their own or their momma's v expensive goods. It was sort of disgusting.
    I look forward to reading this years issue.

  9. I to love magazine articles like this one and I have to say You look great for any age!



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