Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What the Mailman Brought

The Mailman brought a few little goodies. The Summer Issue of BWOF has a lot of great fashion as always. (I need to plant myself at the table to trace off several patterns from recent issues.)

I received my August issue of Maire Claire, which features Maggie Gyllenhaal who stars in the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. This is all about fall fashion. The short of it is:

Making a fashion statement

  • Florals mixed with unusual textures
  • Extra modern shapes makes lace sexy
  • Pants are super-baggy or super-tight
  • Color me purple
  • Feminine plaid and tweed
  • Don't forget to ruffle your feathers
  • Add some sculptural points of view

BTW - The Dark Knight was spectacular! Heath Ledger by far the brightest star.

My friend Toni sent me a copy of Grandmaster Flash's book. I plan to read it while on vacation next week. Thank you Toni. Much appreciated.


  1. You are welcome!
    I have already started amassing my purple accessories and fabric for the fall!

  2. Cennetta .- beautiful gift, you are going to be entertaining. greetings, Paco



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