Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vogue 1015 - Thank you!

Thanks everyone for your generous compliments. Ms. CB is very happy with her dress. She picked it up Thursday evening. I took a few photos, but I still might wait for photos from the event before publishing the full review. Ms. CB was having a bad hair day and requested that I only show the dress.

I've made quite a few purchases and plans for my own wardrobe during the time I was making this dress, but spent very little or no time blogging about them.

Fabric Purchases -

Coating from Gorgeous Fabrics for Great Coat Sew-Along

Stopped by Vogue Fabrics to pick up a few notions - Came away with:

Shopping on eBay - Grabbed these

Several months ago Marji had a give away. She was so kind to send me these nice buttons. (Thanks again, Marji!)

To do Sewing:

Make Muslin for Great Coat Sew Along
Make two jackets that I started in May
Complete two dresses for DD started in May
Complete three dresses for me started in June

And that's the short list. ;-)

Happy Sewing!


  1. Hmmm...that's your "short" list? I never want to see your long list :) ! I'll fee totally inadequate LOL.

  2. Glad that you finished Ms. CB's dress and I'm sure it is even more beautiful now that its completed.

  3. Love the coating wool! That will be gorgeous.
    I'm with you on the list of to-do items...finish A, finish B, etc etc...
    Can't wait to see pics of the dress on Ms CB.
    And, you're welcome on the buttons.
    Hope you can find a project for them.

  4. Cute tissues. The bias tape maker will be perfect to help her sewing. I bought the eighteen years ago in London and are great. hugs, Paco

  5. I really hope you have time to get some sewing in for you and DD now. I miss your wonderful projects for you!

  6. I started working my list Sunday afternoon. Two dresses almost done..., need zippers and necklines finished.
    Happy Sewing!



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