Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vogue 1015 - PT III

Finally, an update on Ms. CB dress. There were so many distractions. I sew best when I stay on task until its done. Today I was determined to get a post out of this much needed to be completed dress.

Time line:

6-8-08 - 6-12-08 Business Trip

6-14-08 3:15p-5:00 and 5:50p - 8:40p
Foundation prep
Sewed foundation and lining together

6-26-08 6:00p- 8:15
Fitting and sewed skirt lining
More changes requested -
Shorten skirt by 3 1/2 inches
Wanted straps to rest on shoulders - need to lower armhole 1/2 inch
Possible exclusion of foundation :-( (I really want to include it)

6-28-08 6:00p - 10:00
Sewed beads to back of dress
removed an re attached the straps
I added about 1 1/2 inches to the overall seam allowance of the foundation - It
was a little snug on her. So I reduced the seam allowance to add move in the
abdominal area. Altered the foundation (this is me, not Ms. CB - try to convince
her to keep it)
Cut out flowers

I made all changes on last Saturday except the length. Ms. CB considered not including the foundation, but I think t would be better to include it. Because it provides support and helps shape the body.

Since I already put the foundation together I want to talk about the process a little. The instructions were typical for most close fitting bodices. The difference is it's attached and on the inside of the dress and closed by hook and eye tape.

I also made a slight change to adding the boning to the inside of the lining. The pattern instructs to sew ribbon onto the lining for the casing. I chose to use the original casing instead as it provides added padding to protect the body from the hard boning. After sewing the two sides and one end of the casing to the lining, I inserted the boning, then sewed the remaining end closed. The casing will not show on the outside.

This evening I convinced Ms. CB to allow me to add the foundation. ;-)

As mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to insert a regular zipper using the hand prick method (first time). The Threads tutorial that I followed includes an optional step on adding beads to the outside seam of the zipper. One of my goals is to explore new techniques and incorporate them into my skill set. I'm inspired by other sewists who practice couture techniques. So I wanted to learn a new method or technique while sewing this dress. The color is bad on this photos, but you can get an idea about how it looks.

I'm make those today.
Update: I made them today. They took 5 hours to make. This pattern offers an interesting way to make the large flower. But to me it seemed like the medium and large flowers are the same size. May be I should have added more gathers to the large flowers.

Stay Tuned. I have to attach the foundation to the dress, tack on the flowers, and hem the dress. I'm close and I'm very glad as I have spent an enormous amount of time on this dress. The desire to make something less complicated is overwhelmingly attractive to me now and I want to sew for myself for a while.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I'm eagerly waiting for you to get it done, I fell in love this pattern as soon as I sew it,her dress will be a knock out, it's good that she agreed to have the foundation, when the body ain't young and trim anymore it can use all the help it can be provided with, although I think she did look very good in it. The pattern is on my to buy list among the rest of them (it's a big list).

  2. Can't wait to see the dress! I love the info you are providing on making the foundation.

  3. Looks like you're making great progress. The fabric looks luxurious. Can we expect to see the finished product today? LOL

  4. The dress is turning out a work of art!! I can't wait to see the final product!

  5. Ohhhh. Cennetta .- How progress, I am delighted. The foundation is wonderful and flowers made with the material as well. I'm eager to see the final result. Hugs, Paco

  6. Beautiful! Yes, I'm agreeing with you on the foundation - they're so important to the overall look of the gown and worth the extra trouble to make them.

  7. I am anxiously waiting for the final product!

  8. Thanks for the comment and also, for giving me a heads up on the website snapfoo. I have corrected it. Thanks again.

  9. these flowers look awesome. Your dress turned out beautifully.



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