Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Blogging, But A Lot of Sewing and Other Acitivities

Boy, it has been a while. I'm about half done with my nieces prom dress. It's coming along beautifully. This is the last graduation/prom dress I'm making this season. Last week I finished my niece's gal pal's dinner dance dress. Her mom is picking it up on Wednesday. I'll report on that experience later. I'm still waiting to post the review and photos of my niece's (Dominique) dinner dance outfit.

Sunday was the climate of my Pastor's Anniversary celebration. We had services from Tuesday to Friday evening. My crew (media services) worked every night. By Friday I was exhausted. Thank goodness for vacation time. By day I sewed and rested, by night I was a pseudo cinematographer, sound and light technician.

In the midst of one my busyness, my desktop computer was bite by a bug. The laptop is fine though. I'll bring it into work so the technicians can restore it.

Today I'm back at work with a Business Owner's meeting scheduled at 10:00am. We have lots to discuss. So it's going to be a looonnnnng meeting. Grrrr! :-0 The work e-mail is out of control as expected. After the meeting, I'll "work" catch up. Maybe tonight I'll post something.

Happy Sewing!


  1. You are a woman of many colors. I know that feeling of have a zillion things on your mind at once. Women are amazing and I know your dresses will be too!

  2. Wow! I'm tired just reading about all you do! Your sewing time must be precious to you.

  3. You always make such beautiful things, I know they'll look awesome.

    I tell you, my pc had a virus and it died. Just last week I decided to jump over to the other side and buy a mac. I'm still trying to figure it out, but I'm already liking it more than a pc. I just became tired of all the viruses that pc's get, and I got tired of having to constantly clean it of stuff.

    I'm a mac- lover now, lol.


  4. You have earned some R&R! Take yourself a little "me" vacation!

  5. Do your days have more hours than mine? :))) You are one busy lady.



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