Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did I Say Multi-Tasking or Multi-Projects?

My Goodness! I have so many projects on the table right now it's making me dizzy and more conscious about organizing processing more. Like cutting all pattern at once and making pattern alterations and muslin all at once.

- Clients: I'm trying to organize a little better to stay on top of all of the deadlines dates and scheduling fittings. I purchased a journal to log all 2009 client projects. The first four projects are first aider's uniform for a junior member (church), two Afrocentric outfits another client, and a dinner dance dress for my niece. All expect my niece's dress has been cut and ready to sew. I need to make a muslin for the her dress before starting the work on the actual dress.

- For me: Yesterday I worked on the pattern alterations for my two "Copy That Style" dresses. The Bodice of the Beyonce dress is a little challenging. I purchased S4070 to address the "heart" shaping in the bodice. The Peter Sow dress can be copied using S2926 with a few pattern alterations. Still working on another coat and several coordinates and UFO's.

- DD: OMG! Her list is BIG! So..., I said all of that to say..., "I'll be making a variety of posts on all projects until there are done.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Can I say yet again, that I really admire the fact that you sew for others! As someone who has done that in the past, I realize the enormity of the task and just give you kudos for sewing for profit yet still having time to sew for yourself and your DD!!!

  2. I agree! I did that once upon a time and I always put my own projects on hold to meet deadlines and still worked in corporate at the time!

  3. Thanks ladies. I can't help myself. ;-)



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