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Year End Review - Sewing Projects 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm full of hope for a prosperous new year and am grateful for the blessings of God. In November and December I thought about last year's resolution and wondered about how how of it was accomplished in 2008. Well, Lindsay's Year End Review was the first one of several reviews that I read on sewing goals and accomplishments. I was impressed by the testaments of my fellow bloggers and started to put together my own review. I borrowed bits and pieces on formatting from several posts to help me write my review.

My grade on achieving the goals set for 2008 is about C+ as I'm carrying several over into 2009.

*More Challenging Projects - The two most challenging projects were for clients - Vogue 1015 and Vogue 8355. I was pleased with the outcome of both, but at the same time recognized the flaws and areas where I need to refine and/or perfect my skills. Practice makes perfect. The rose belt was inspired by a dress/belt featured in Cadena magazine.

*Quantity over Quality - Hmmm ..., I sewed a lot considering, work and family. I think quality has improved. Last year I tried a few couture techniques and was pleased with the the look and affect of the new skills. I only accepted three commissions and a few alterations in 2008. For that I am pleased and proud of myself for learning how to say, "No, thank you."

I took a look at my Flickr photostream to count the number of garments made in 2008. To my surprised, I sewed 48 articles of clothing and accessories. Here's the breakdown:

Skirts = 1 + (1)
Pants = 8 + (5)
Tops and Blouses = 7
Jackets/Coats = 5
Gown = (1)
Accessories 3
Suits 1 + (1)
Dresses = 14 + (2)

() denotes articles sewn for someone other than myself

Make something from Leather - Researched the techniques and processes, but didn't try it yet.

New Specialized Sewing Machine - Researched - no purchase.

Refine Terms and Conditions for Clients - Written but still not finalized.

*Purchased More Reference Books - I purchased several craft book. Check.

*Organized - Working on it.

*UFO's - I only sewed three. The UFO's have increased by 20 percent. Grrrr!

* denotes On going goal.

Networking/Join Craft Organization
- I was fortunate to participate in two "Meet Up", one in Chicago and the other in Philly. But did not attend any conference or seminar. Still on the list. I did, however, become a member of ASG.

My Favorites 2008

Vogue Divine Details - 8355 Made for Ms. Paulette Bell. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of this suit. And so was Ms. PB.

New Look 6824 - My Birthday Dress. This dress was inspired by the 2008 Lace trend. Love it.

McCall's 5269 - This is a favorite too. The fit and style is just right for me.

McCall's 5466 - Can you tell I like satin. lol. After finishing Ms. PB suit, I didn't have much time to make a dress for myself. We attend the same church and were going to our Pastor's 31st Anniversary dinner. I missed it, stomach flu. But I wore my dress and matching jacket to two other occasions.

Most Worn in 2008

Dresses are my favorite; but because of my "occupation" I tend to wear pants more. All of the VC's Tech groups are in the basement of the administration building (Chicago campus). My group, in particular, gets to travel between the campuses for meeting and presentations. So I made several pairs of pants from V2812, M5710, and M5597 for comfort and ease of wear.

Least Liked 2008

New Look 6561 - This top just didn't work for me. The fit of the underarm, the position of the waist and elastic. I passed this on to my sister.

Simplicity 3673 - I didn't pass this dress on to anyone, and I do wear it to work. Its just not a favorite.

Well, that's it!

Happy Sewing! Enjoy life and learning!


  1. Everything you made looked fabulous! Best wishes for this year!

  2. Wow! You are talented and productive. I love your pants.

  3. You had some wonderful outfits in 2008 and the garments you made for others were outstanding! I really admire that you give up some of your precious sewing time to sew for others...I'm too greedy! *LOL*

  4. Wow. Looks like you had a successful year. I'm impressed with your sewing.

  5. I loved all the outfits you made. It's funny how you didn't like the NL top that you gave to your sister. I thought you looked nice in it and it was great for a casual day, out & about, LOL. Have a great new year!

  6. You created some gems this past year. The white suit for the lady is beautiful. And my favorite dress on you is the red satin, I'm a satin girl too so what can I say? lol. But most of all, when you made those lined pants, it blew me away. I still struggle with lining, although I found a new technique that might help.

    Hats off to you for your acomplishments, 2009 is going to bring even more. :):):)


  7. Everything you sewed looks great. My favorite was the red dress. Happy New Year

  8. Über fabulous! All of them. I really love the belt. I missed that one when you made it.

    Here's to sewing in 2009!

  9. All of your designs were fabulous. I especially liked the red satin dress.

  10. Wow, so many gorgeous things here. You really know how to pick out fabric.

  11. Everything you made looks awesome. You've been a great inspiration to me this year. Wishing you lots of happy sewing for this year!

  12. I love your work! Happy New Year!

  13. I have yet to post my 2008 review. Probably because I feel like my achievements were not even a C+. I did make quite a few garments but not as many as I wanted to.

    I loved reading your review. Your garments whether for you or clients were gorgeous. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009.

  14. I'd give you a much higher grade than C+! You've made some amazing outfits!

  15. But, do you see how many of the 'hard' garments you made? I'm impressed and excited to see what you do in '09!

  16. You've made some really stunning things in 2008! Even the few things that didn't work out are have found a happy home. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make in 2009!

  17. I enjoyed reading your blog last year and seeing all your beautiful creations. I look forward to seeing more this year!!!!
    I think all the things you made are awesome... but I love the white birthday dress best. I hope God blesses you with another productive and creative year!!!

  18. Happy New Year! You had a fabulous sewing year in 2008. You made beautiful garments and looking forward to 2009.

  19. Your creations were great. Look forward to your 2009 reviews.

  20. I think all your stuff turned out fabulous and I give you BIG kuddos for being to complete as much as you did while working let alone family. I know I used to be completely stressed out trying to sew when I was working. Hope your New Year is as fabulous as you always look!

  21. I just hope I can make half of what you made. You are multi talented. Everything you made last year were so stunning I am sure more are on the way this year. Can't wait to see more.Happy sewing and Happy New Year.

  22. You made some wonderful garments in 2008! Very impressive!

  23. I really liked the red rose belt. You made some really nice things in '08. Hopefully I'll be making some things for myself this year and my review can be as outstanding as yours!!! Happy New Year!

  24. Wow! I love all the garments you've made,even the ones you like least.I'll bet your sister was delighted.

  25. Wow! My first time visiting and I love your style. You look fab in red! I was wondering about that gorgeous top with the bell cuffs. Do you know what pattern that is?

  26. Thanks! Frantic Home Cook. The red blouse was a gift from my mom. But I'm sure there is a pattern of a similar style.



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