Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Burda October 2008 - The Luxury Look

The faux fur jackets are too fabulous. My favorite is the black jacket with the wool sleeves. I think I want to make one of these.

Burda also features several garments in graphic colorful prints made up in silk and satin fabrics.

I like the cut on this jacket.

There is something for everyone is this issue. For the special man in your life. This is a great pea jacket in classic navy. Nice...,


  1. I saw those fur coats and I am kicking myself for not getting the fur when I was in NY. That top print dress I love and have to get it done before my pastor's anniversary. I know anything you come up with will be gorgeous.

  2. Very beautiful. Are you planning to work the fur? If so,please post every step.I agree with Dei,"anything you come up with will be gorgeous".

  3. Do you know that I've never sewn for my husband. He has asked me to, but I just feel it my not be as good of a quality as he is used to. He wears very expensive clothes. Girl, that first model has hair just like mine used to be. Poor her, too much work. LOL

  4. Lisa - I do plan to make a faux fur jacket, first one posted. But I can't say that it will be this fall. I will post every step. Thanks for asking.



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