Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Found the Right Slack - S2860

I am so pleased with the results of this pattern and would encourage you to go out and grab a copy. It's a very good fit without going through my usual crotch curve alteration.

Pattern Description: Misses' pants with individual pattern pieces given for slim, average, and curvy fit. Includes customized fitting instructions.

Pattern Sizing: sizes 8 - 22

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes. There was nothing confusing for me. Great instructions -- Several tips were included on how to make fitting adjustments. They lack instructions on making a sway back adjustment to the waistband and the adjustment on the length of the crotch was different from my normal adjustments. See my adjustment method hear. Also see comparison of M5710 and S2860 here.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? There are a few things that I really liked about it. The claim of an "amazing fit" was achieved. The instructions on how to make the fitting adjustments were pretty good. The pattern seam allowances were 1" instead of the usual 5/8", which is a plus when making adjustments. The process of constructing the pants was different from the typical instructions that you see with the big four, applying the waistband section to each piece of the pant before joining the side seams and CB seams.

Fabric Used: Polyester Gabardine (Vogue Fabrics) for the wearable muslin and very nice wool suiting from Fishman's Fabric.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I only made a few fitting adjustments.
- I added approximately 3 inches to the length. The pattern's inseam measured 33 inches, which enable me to put a generous hem the pant.
- Sway back adjustment to the back waistband.
- The seam allowances were 1 inch. I ended up sewing at 1 1/4" inch allowance. Based on my measurements I collected the curvy version, but I think the average version would have been better for me as far as wearing ease.
- I added a full lining to my second wear (wool), cutting it crosswise.
Assemble the lining, sewing all seams together except for the CF at the zipper opening; then finishing the edges. The lining was cut 2" shorter the pants.

This time I didn't follow my normal process of attaching the lining to the inside of the pants after attaching waistband; then hand stitching the inside of the waistband. Because of the pant construction, I followed the process below: Pin lining to inner waistband. This was a first for me. Only problem, I had a little trouble figuring out how to completely attach it and secure the waistband.

Lining attached to waistband

Next, I attached the lining to the fly/zipper.

There is a slight opening just below the zipper that I didn't attach. During the process I didn't consult any manuals or sewing books. Later I will search for some instructions on making a more polished look.

To secure the waistband, I simply stitched in the ditch of the side seams.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Sure will. This pattern fits very well and can be used as a sloper for altering other pant patterns. Additionally, I can use it to add welt or side pockets.

Conclusion: This pattern offers some great fitting options. It is versatile and can be used as wardrobe builder.


  1. That's what I call a good fit.I recently had some pant fitting drama,but after looking at your lovely pants,I'm motivated to go on.Great job.

    I must buy this pattern..
    BTW, I enjoy your blog, it is so informative!

  3. That is a great fit. Oh no! Another pattern I must add to my collection! I like the lining idea as well.

  4. That's a great pair of pants, the fit is very good. And the finishing on the inside is beautiful too. Good to have such a tnt pattern.

  5. Yes, you certainly did find the "right slack"!. They look fantastic!

  6. Great fit! Thanks for the details. I currently have a completed muslin for my first pair of pant. I'm working on the top (the sleeve of course, fitting issues). I hope to post next week sometime.

  7. The pants fit perfectly and are very nicely processed.

  8. Wow - those are the right slacks! I always attach the waistband in 4 pieces to the top of the pants pieces before assembling the whole thing - it makes the adjustments so much easier, especially for the sway back and disparate waist/hip ratio.

  9. Wow! That really is a great fit and the work you put into these pants really shows; they look great. I'm going to try this pattern. I like the idea of adding the waistband in four parts. I've added waistbands in two parts to mens pants and I don't know why I haven't thought to do it on my own. Thank you for this inspiration. I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

  10. Absolutely beautifull. The fit is greattttt

  11. You did a great job with the fit! I'm so jealous of the likes of you, and erica b, and mimi!

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  13. The look awesome! And you lined them too? Wow, you're a pro. I always struggle with the linings...oh well. But yours came out flawless. Kudos. :):):)

  14. Thanks, ladies. Much appreciated.

  15. Those pants fit you PERFECTLY!!!! I have this pattern and MUST try it now. I am also a "curvy" (surprise, surprise) and have not really made a pair of pants before (only some muslins of shorts, and PJs, which don't count) but I was just thinking the other day that I would love to find a great go-to pants pattern. I think a muslin is in my immediate future!!

  16. Very impressive. They look like a perfect fit!

  17. Simply gorgeous! You did a wonderful job. I think I have this pattern. I'll have to dig it out.

  18. You look so tall and slim. Does anything NOT look good on you?

  19. These are awesome pants! They look great.. the fit is right on!! I love the lining you added too.
    And thanks for sway back adjustment tips.

    Yes, now I'm waiting for Simplicity to go back on sale.. I must have this pattern!

  20. I love seeing pant pattern reviews, there aren't enough of them.

    The beuty of it is that once you have made the necessary adjustments - you can use the pattern over and over.

    Absolutely great blog.


    Ps Thanks for stopping by too.

  21. Impeccable, as usual!!! I do think the sales of this pattern would go through the roof if your pic was on the cover modeling the pants. However, then none of us would be able to get a copy of the pattern! So, shhh!!! We'll just keep this little secret in our blogging and PR world :) .

  22. Great Slacks and they look great on you.

  23. Cennetta .- very beautiful and elegant as ever. I've tried this method to line my pants past. Thanks for showing me it has been very good.

    hugs, Paco

  24. WOW! And I really mean WOW! You managed to get the perfect fit on these pants!! I am in awe!

  25. I can't believe I didn't leave a comment before. You have inspired me to try this pattern and the corresponding technique. These looks fabulous.

  26. You are always, just so clasy. You look very couture in these pieces.

  27. I like the pants. Very good fit. I may have to check out this pattern.



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