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Vogue 8190 - The Finale Prom 2012

Now it's time for the finale on Vogue 8190. The prom was last Friday; but before writing the review, I needed a breather from all the activities surrounding the event. This year I had to finish two prom dresses within a four week period because of competing activities. Just a little bit of stress. The good thing, I'm pleased with the outcome of both gowns and relieved that it's all over.

My services including making six pieces for Traci's (2nd cousin) big day. So this review will encompass some mini reviews (linked) on the accessories that I made for this prom event. Yes, this review is long, but I think the details are important to cover. Let's start with the dress. I posted a few blog entries so I would not forget the alterations and design changes. So instead of repeating all of that I will refer to those posts at the appropriate time.

Here goes.., We actually started discussing this gown early March. My first shop day was March 24th, with many to following (mostly for notions). I logged 32 hours on this project. That includes: shopping, cutting, sewing (muslins and garments), cutting mistakes, sewing mistakes and adjustments, and ripping out mistakes and adjustments. A lot of hours. Compared to Vogue 2931 this dress was a bigger challenge. Vogue rating this one (8190) average and Vogue 2931 as advanced. I think they are both advanced.

Pattern Description:

MISSES’/MISSES’ PETITE DRESS: Strapless, lined, fitted, mid-calf or floor length flared dress has front and back gathers, built-in foundation with boning, flounce variation and back zipper. A: shaped flounce (wrong side of fabric will show). B: dress and flounce contrasting overlay. C: purchased trim.  

Pattern Sizing:
8 to 18. I started with size 12, but ending with a combination of sizes 8, and 10, and 12, depending on the area of the body.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
For the most part. There were a few design changes that made the finished dress slightly different.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes. I had no problems following any of them. Standard, but very time consuming.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
Traci gave me a sketch of how she wanted her dress to look, I picked this pattern because it closely resembled want she had envisioned.

My likes: ruching and the flounce. It's very attractive and figure flattering. Traci, as is Dominique, is lend and shapely. Almost zero fat.

I really don't have any dislikes about this dress. Because the time consuming elements are well worth it. The outcome is splendid. The pattern design and layout are excellent.

Fabric Used:
Silk Dupioni, bemberg lining, and bridal lace from Fishman's Fabrics in Chicago.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
Some of the alterations and design changes can be found here and here.

The rest are;

Lace adorned bodice - The lace was sewn together and attached to the dress bodice by hand. I used the bodice lining pattern and drafted a bodice back to create the lace overlay. The beautiful embroidered, beaded lace had small floral appliques sewn to it. I carefully removed them when they fell on the seam allowance. After the overlay was sewn together, I reattached the appliques where appropriate.

Straps - I added straps for comfort. Traci probably didn't use them. But I added them just in case. A lady has to have options. ;-)

Foundation bias tape - I made my own using the silk dupioni. I thought it would look better. And it did.

Graduated Flounce - You should make sure your fabric is wide enough to make the fabric flounce. Because the fabric was only 45" wide, I had to make the flounce (View C) shorter than the design. In this photo, you can see the front flounce is higher than the back. At the final fitting, I cut the tulle a little shorter in the front to match the curve of the fabric flounce. This was done after this photo.

Omitted the lace trim at the upper edge of the dress.


 Purse - I used the same purse pattern as before (many times). It's reviewed here. Details on how to enlarge on Flickr.

Garter - I've designed many. Here is a link to my tutorial on Flickr. There are tons of ideas for prom garters here.

 Stole - (sorry no pictures) But it looks like this one.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Only if I make it for someone else. I don't think I'll need a dress like this. Then maybe I will. :-). I highly recommend it to others. If you have the body for it, this is a gorgeous dress to show it off in. Beware it's labor intensive.

All pictures are on Flickr.

Conclusion: This was a great dress to sew with excellent results. I love how it turned out. And more importantly, Traci and her mom were very pleased with it.


  1. Girl you've got skillz! That is one amazing dress and your cousin looks absolutely gorgeous in it!

  2. Ms. Carolyn - You're making me blush.

  3. The results certainly are splendid! She looks beautiful. You are a real fairy godmother!

  4. What Carolyn said! That color is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Fantastic job. She looks amazing.

  6. Wow wow wow, I don't know which of the two prom dresses are my favorite. She looks like a knockout! You should be so proud, your talent shows. I think this pattern would make a lovely bridal gown as well!

  7. Cenette Thank U Soooooo Much!!!! (Tears) when Traci walked outside the day of Prom, she was Flawless!!! Let's not forget the shoes that had to b dyed lol!!! Thank U for all the dresses including the 2 you made for Tasha, I hope we weren't too difficult, Luv Ya, Marie <3

  8. What a fabulous job you did on that gown. Gorgeous. The young lady must have been admired all evening. I like a guy who wears the feminine colors--shows he is sure of himself.

  9. I simply stunning dress and your work is magnificent. She looks gorgeous!!!

  10. Very nice job on both dresses! I bet you are happy it's all over...that was a lot of work!

  11. Girl, you are just working it out. Another gorgeous gown. She looks beautiful. I agree with Carolyn, you got skillz.

  12. Everyone, I truly appreciate all the wonderful compliments.

  13. Both dresses are just gorgeous! I don't know how you find the time to work and sew such couture level garments for others. My son attended two proms this spring and for one he wore a peach tie to match the girl's dress. So it must be an in color.

  14. They are magical dresses! I am ever impressed with your ability.

  15. Gorgeous job Lady!!! That color and style is absolutely perfect!!! Stunning:)

  16. Great job! You worked so hard and it shows. Traci looks so happy and beautiful! Congratulations

  17. I happened on your blog while doing a web search for prom attire, and I'm so glad I did! Your blog is fascinating (even though I don't sew at all). These garments are beautiful and the obvious pride and excitement of the young people wearing them make clear how much joy and beauty you bring to the world (and now to this stranger's world as well!); I almost feel like taking up sewing!



  18. I'm making this for my daughters prom. I don't understand the ruffle at the bottom. It says to place the pattern on the fold. How does the front and back go together? Dress C size 12.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      The bottom of the dress has a flounce and a ruffle. The flounce has a front and back that you sew together along the side. The ruffle (17) requires you to cut fifteen to make three layers to gather together before attaching it to the bottom of the dress.
      So sew five pieces of 17 together to form a circle. Repeat this step two times to complete the three layers. Align the upper edges then gather to fit the bottom of the dress. Continue by following the instructions. I hope this helps.

  19. My problem is the ruffle. It says to place the pattern on the fold. If I do that I get 2 big circles. Do I cut to the middle on one side?

  20. I think I've figured it out. Glad I found your blog. It's nice to see a picture of the finished product. You did a great job!

  21. I'm sorry if was didn't clearly explain it. But I'm glad you figured it out.

  22. Hi Cennetta, I'm making this dress for my prom and needed some help with the flounce. Where exactly is the side seam? I'm having trouble figuring out how the pieces fit together. You did such a beautiful job with this.

  23. The flounce for view C use pattern 15 and 16. Each pattern looks like a half circle. One of the straight sides should be placed on the fold of the fabric. Please take a closer look at the pattern. Once the back and the front are cut, open each part of the flounce. Sew the straight edges together to form a circle. Attach it, the flounce, to the bottom of the dress. I hope this helps.



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