Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mood's Jersey Knits Always A Winner

One of my favorite types of fabric to order from Mood is jersey knits.  They have an amazing selection of colors and textures.   

For my birthday this year, I chose to use Mood's Blue Abstract Burnout Jersey and their Spruce Green ITY Jersey. I purchased both several months ago.  The blue burnout is no longer available, but there are four other colors that still available.  As for the Spruce Green ITY, it's still in stock and is also available in a few more colors.

I was inspired to put these two colors together after looking at several different Azurite and Malachite crystals/stones.  The crystals are amazingly beautiful possessing two of my favorite colors.  So why not use this inspiration to create something special for myself.  So off I went to search for fabrics that were the same colors are my inspiration stone.

The marrying of the two fabrics was perfect.  The difference in stretch did not pose any problems with combining the two.  This dress came together beautifully.  I started and completed it all in the same day.

Only last month, I decided to use the fabric to make Butterick 5672.  This pattern is not new to me.  The first time I made it was in 2011.  You can find my review here.   And the second make here.

Given that this is the third time around, I didn't need to make many changes to get the desired fit.  I just lengthen the bodice about an inch and added a few inches to the skirt and sleeves.  Of course, I upped the size a little bit too.  This simple knit dress is a winner just like the fabric combination.  I love the fit, skirt waist, and the draped front.  The print/texture of the burnout knit coupled with the draped front adds a whole other element of interest, distracting away from any body imperfections.

Another thing that I like about how this dress turned out is how well the spruce green jersey shines through the mesh of the burnout.  Both fabrics are well noticed and neither out shines the other.

Overall, I am well pleased with this third version of Maggy London's Butterick 5672.  Great fabric and great pattern combination.  You can count on two things:  I will purchase more knits from Mood.  Not because I am Mood blogger, but because their knits are of great quality.  They sew, wear, and wash very well.  Wearing this dress feels like I have very little on.  Great for comfort.  Secondly, I will make this dress again.

Parting Shots:  Hear is a look at all three dresses.

Happy Sewing!


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